How To Fully Utilize IDX

Use Beaver Builder Many successful brokers just don’t have the time to code a website. You want to maximize your time working and minimize your time in website development.  Simply IDX makes it easy to change your website by just clicking and dragging. With Beaver Builder, a plugin that comes with all of our Simply IDX sites, changing layouts and content couldn’t be simpler. You can choose from an array of modules, plus rearrange and add content with no coding at all. Beaver Builder doesn’t change the functionality of your WordPress site, but it does make it a lot easier […]

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How Swartz Brothers Real Estate Utilizes Simply IDX

Swartz Brothers Real Estate’s team has been in the business for a total of 140+ years across their staff, dedicating the time and energy to their work in the real estate business that it takes to become great. Their dedication shows in their stylish, smart choices for their website. Using Simply IDX for WordPress helps them be one of the best websites for Minnesota real estate, and here’s how: Home Page Features Swartz Brothers’ homepage features a slider tailored with images that represent the kinds of places they sell, appraise, and manage. This prompts interest from clients attracted to the […]

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5 Things That Make Portland Condos A Top Broker Website

Every real estate broker wants to have the best website possible. That’s no secret. The trouble is going from ambition to reality when you’re not a website developer and have neither the time nor the expertise to code the site of your dreams. It’s easy to end up with a website that looks stale and outdated, but some real estate websites clearly present themselves as a cut above the rest. Portland Condos is one such site, and here’s what you can do to make your site as inviting as this one: 1. Showcase Your Personality Joe and Becky Scharf with […]

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Speed for IDX Widgets and load times

Speedy IDX Widgets: Get more speed for free

IDX Addons – tools to get more out of IDX Broker We have had folks ask us over the years if IDX Broker has a feature to do this or that.  Sometimes these functions are built right into IDX Broker.  Sometimes they aren’t. We have made as a way to create what we consider the “missing” toolset or The Ultimate IDX Broker Toolset. These are tools like our Saved Link Generator, Premium IDX Templates like Sunny Social, and our soon to be released Premium IDX Widgets. All of these tools are available for free for all of RealtyCandy’s IDX […]

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Premium IDXBRoker Template Social Sunny

Social Sunny Premium IDX Template

Premium IDX Templates IDX Broker recently released a great new feature to all their developer partners with the Custom Template feature. This custom templating feature allows IDX developer partners like RealtyCandy to create custom layouts and templates that are available for the needs of a specific client or designs that can be used by all our clients. We are building out a series of these and we are offering them at no charge to all our IDX Broker clients as “Premium IDX Templates”. Social IDX Features In addition to great layouts and designs, we are able to actually build some […]

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