Premium IDXBRoker Template Social Sunny

Social Sunny Premium IDX Template

Premium IDX Templates IDX Broker recently released a great new feature to all their developer partners with the Custom Template feature. This custom templating feature allows IDX developer partners like RealtyCandy to create custom layouts and templates that are available for the needs of a specific client or designs that can be used by all our clients. We are building out a series of these and we are offering them at no charge to all our IDX Broker clients as “Premium IDX Templates”. Social IDX Features In addition to great layouts and designs, we are able to actually build some […]

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Screenshot of Saved search generator for IDX Broker

Get more SEO and Google Juice from IDX Broker with Saved Search Generator

We have a lot of IDX Broker clients who reach out to us and ask what can I do to rank higher on Google or get more of my pages indexed by Google? They are all really looking for more leads. More leads who will convert into clients and buy or sell real estate. We have seen over the years that Google doesn’t really give most real estate agents’ sites ranking for an address of a listing like 123 Main Street. It is also hard to get ranked for “Miami Real Estate”.  (…like millions of dollars hard.) We have seen […]

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omnisearch tool that works on page builders for IDX Broker

Omnisearch tool for WIX, SquareSpace, and Weebly IDX installs

We have been working on a new tool that will allow clients using WIX, SquareSpace, or Weebly to be able to enjoy the “omnisearch” experience that many WordPress users have. The omnisearch is a tool that allows a visitor to start typing a city, county, or zip code, and the omnisearch will “auto-complete” the search. This makes searching for new properties really simple on your site.  Your website visitors will love it. You can check out our page at and see all of the benefits of using us for IDX Broker setup. Our one-time setup fee is very affordable […]

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WIX using IDX custom subdomain

Setup Custom Subdomain on WIX

We love WordPress. We have worked with WordPress and IDX Broker for over 7 years now, but these new WIX, SquareSpace, and Weebly sites are becoming more and more popular. You can see that we have made some IDX Broker real estate sites here that use these platforms. Today, we want to show you how to quickly setup your IDX Broker Custom Subdomain on WIX. Custom Subdomain for IDX Broker One of the SEO features IDX Broker offers is to have all of your property searches, search results, and property details listing pages show up on a custom subdomain of […]

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Perspective: Why We Choose, Like and Commit To Squarespace Website Platform

(Guest Post by our SquareSpace Preferred Partner Gerda Kauks.  Gerda is based in Scottsdale and has collaborated on SquareSpace real estate sites using IDX Broker with RealtyCandy.) Whether you are in a business startup phase or the “need to up upgrade the look” stage of your website, the Squarespace platform is the right fit for any type or size of business, in any stage. I speak from lengthy experience of working within the Squarespace platform on a daily basis to help my clients reach their business goals. WHY SQUARESPACE? Designers love it. Clients love it. The more I use Squarespace, the […]

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