1. A combination of “free” and “premium”.
2. Way of doing business where services are provided free of charge.

IDX Broker connect to WordPress SquareSpace WIX or Weeby IDX for WIX

SquareSpace, Weebly, and More

WIX setup for IDX Broker
IDX for WIX & WordPress

$79 One-time install

IDX Broker makes it simple to display all the MLS listings on your website.
We make it look beautiful.

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What is included?

When you signup for our IDX integration we include the following:

  1. Setup of the omnisearch tool on the home page
  2. We setup all the IDX pages use the header and footer of your existing site and match the styling of your site.
  3. We configure the settings on IDX Broker admin backend for you.
  4. You get our tools at
  5. You get our Premium IDX templates at no charge
  6. You get access to our Free WordPress Theme, Simply IDX
  7. We will help you setup your custom subdomain like instead of

What do I need to start my install?

We just need the following 3 things to get started:

  1. Your $79 one time payment to integrate IDX to your site.
  2. You signup for IDX Broker at or send IDX an email letting them know RealtyCandy will be your IDX developer. Either way, your payments continue directly to IDX Broker.3. We configure the settings on IDX Broker admin backend for you.
  3. We will need admin access to your website.

How long does it take to install?

Typically it takes 1-2 business days from when we get your payment, your IDX account under our developer dashboard, and the "admin" access to your site.

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Let’s make it simple. Really simple.

-Steve Jobs

IDX Addons

Premium IDX Templates

Get our suite of Premium IDX Templates for free. You will get great designs like:

» Maxima Map Search
» Sunny Social Details

Saved Search

Create saved searches for more SEO from your IDX Broker pages. Subdivisions, Communities, School Districts. These are all done in seconds instead of hours.

Speedy IDX Widgets

Make your WordPress site blazing-fast by using Speedy IDX Widgets. Your IDX Broker widgets will load super fast and will be speed optimized to get you a higher score from Google Page Insights.


If you want to add an omnisearch tool to your WIX, SquareSpace, Weebly or other site, this is the perfect tool.

You quickly copy/paste this code.

IDX Data Graphs - Lite

Get one of our fantastic IDX Data Graphs for free at The data graphs are great eye-candy and they keep your visitors more engaged.

Auto Saved Search

We have found that most of our IDX clients miss out on connecting with leads who look at properties and even register on IDX Broker pages, but don't create a saved search...

Import / Export IDX Broker Leads

If you use MailChimp, Infusionsoft, or any other CRM tool, you may have leads that you need to import to IDX Broker or export to your CRM. Use our super simple tool to make this as painless as possible.

Do you have an idea for an IDX Add-on?

Imagine that you could have any feature you wanted added to the functionality of IDX Broker.

Shoot us an email and ask us about adding it as one of our IDX Addons...


Work exclusively with IDX Broker, that you own

$99 yearly for the site.
No contracts.

Modern, mobile responsive, easy real estate website designed to work exclusively with IDX Broker, that you own.

We set them up within 1 business day.
$100 setup (including IDXConnect) and $99 per YEAR for hosting.


Check out this video about
PureIDX Cloud-based sites.

These are really fast websites that are designed for people who don't need a blog.  They are built to run off super-fast cloud servers.

When you share your images from Google drive or and make them speed optimized with you get a fast site that is easy to change and runs really fast and secure.

The "secret-sauce" on these is that they use a Google Spreadsheet as the "back-end" where all of the changes are made.  Check out the video above to see it in action.

Pure IDX

Who are

PureIDX Cloud-based sites for?

These are really fast websites that are designed for people who don't need a blog. You can add a lot of pages and link them all together to keep your visitors on your site with lots of interesting information.

Use PureIDX instead of WIX, SquareSpace or Weebly for real estate.

PureIDX Cloud-based sites are for agents who don't want to spend a lot of time worrying about updates, security, and maintenance.

Works great on
mobile, laptops, and desktops.

Intersection 7

Is there a contract?

No. As long as you use RealtyCandy as your developer partner for IDX Broker, your site is active. If you cancel your IDX, you can download the content from your site and take it with you to your new hosting service. You own all the content on the site but we can't give you the code because it has our "secret-sauce" on it 🙂 .

Simply IDX

IDX Broker powered WordPress theme

Simply IDX


SimplyIDX Promo this month!

Get SimplyIDX theme with Simple Hosting
Just $199 setup & $39 per month!

What is


Simply IDX is the best WordPress
theme for IDX Broker.

It runs fast on your server. It is designed with special mobile app features. It is easy to use. And it is free for all RealtyCandy IDX Broker clients.

When we setup your site and host it for you, we include:

  • SSL certificate for https:// on your site
  • Daily Backups
  • Security Scans
  • Web site hosting on our servers
  • IDX Broker setup and integration
  • Speed optimizations when you launch your site
  • Updates to your theme, WordPress, and plugins
  • Email and chat support
  • Setup of your site exactly like the demo
  • Beaver Builder page builder for easy site setup
  • WP101 WordPress training videos
  • Gravity Forms, Yoast SEO, and other tools
$199 setup
$39 /mo
Order Now
Tiny IDX
$99 setup
$199 /year
Order Now
Managed & Hosted
SSL Certificate
Security Scans
Beaver Builder
Access Administrator Editor
Monthy Visitors 25,000 5,000
Storage 10 GB 3 GB
Backups Nightly Weekly
Updates Weekly Monthly

Can I see some examples?

Check out these sites from a few of our clients. They are live sites, so please be courteous.

Your Naples Expert - WEEBLY
Ringo Tsang - WIX
Sunrise Realty - SQUARESPACE
Sweet Home Home Page

How long does it take

to set up my website?

While the amount of time it takes to make the ideal website varies, we set up your Simply IDX site so it looks like the demo site within 1 business day.

We'll also set up your IDX Broker within 1-2 business days of getting your account active with IDX Broker.

What do I need

to get setup?

Once you signup, you will want to make sure you gather these things for you new site:
» Your logo
» Color codes for the colors you want
» The content you want on the pages of your site
» The images and videos that you will use on your site

Be sure you have a domain name for your site. If you need help
choosing one, shoot us an email or hop on our chat.

Simple can be harder than complex:
You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.

It takes a lot of hard work to make something simple, to truly understand the underlying challenges and come up with elegant solutions.

-Steve Jobs

Who are we?

We are a team of IDX Broker, WordPress, and software developers who work all over the world. We have team members in California, Utah, Mexico, Brazil, and other places all over the world.

This allows us to provide you with a team where we have great skills to build your site, customize your IDX Broker pages, or build a custom web app for you.

Client's Stories

Tom & Tiphany Jackson
Tom C. Jackson International Realty, Marketing & Consulting

"James and his associates at Realty Candy have always been knowledgeable, patient, and willing to answer any question and make adjustments and customizations to suit our needs.

Unlike many other web developers, the team at Realty Candy is never condescending or intimidating - they are friendly professionals who eagerly share their knowledge and creativity with clients to create a unique site for every company and agent"

David & Ricki Chester
Red House Mountain Realty

"We were very grateful to find Realty Candy to do our IDX Real Estate website. We have tried several site solutions with limited customization ability but always wanted more control over our brand and pages than we were able to achieve. Getting full customization ability with excellent IDX integration was exactly what we were after. Realty Candy was able to get us exactly that!

James was AMAZING helping answer my questions before we purchased and saw me all the way through the backside helping me get launched and Marie in customer support helped with my crazy flurry of emails BEYOND patiently. It was so nice finding a company which furnished us with true and personal support through a project like that. Thank you!"

Renee Peres

Renee Peres
Partner and REALTOR
Arrow Group

"Realty Candy saved our team from potentially spending $8,000- $10,000 to build a custom site. Almost every designer we spoke with did not think using Squarespace to design a real estate site would be feasible. With RealtyCandy's support we were able to do just that.

They were extremely responsive and professional. They accommodated our need to customize. Couldn't ask for a better service provider."

Greg Pettersen
Purchase Loans

“I have worked with James and the RealtyCandy team over the past year, and they have always been very helpful.

Their developers have also been very knowledgeable when it comes to custom development work or minor fixes. If you are looking for a reasonably price web solution for your real estate needs, I encourage you to take a look at Realty Candy.”

Eric Fernandez
Broker and Owner

"Realty Candy has by far the best team of website designers that I have ever worked with. They are always available for support, they are IDX experts, and they are innovators in real estate marketing.

I highly recommend Realty Candy to anyone in real estate looking to ramp up their online presence and career."

Jenna Dixon
Associate Broker
Momentum Real Estate Group LLC

"My experience working with RealtyCandy has been excellent. From the initial consultation & purchase, through site set up and development, the support staff has been exceptional. They are knowledgeable, very responsive and a pleasure to work with. As a self taught "webmaster", I appreciate their willingness to help.

I could not be happier with my experience. Thank you to James, Marie, Jeff & the rest of the crew!"

Milton Knight

"Realty Candy has been doing this for many years and their experience and knowledge shows. Realty Candy representatives have been cooperative, professional, and have always displayed a "can-do" attitude.

[...] Through the telephone calls, emails, and conversations they have demonstrated IDX website development brilliance and real world experience. They have always been polite and a pleasure to deal with. I cannot speak highly enough of them."

Javier D. Alvarez
Xcellence Realty

"If you are a Real Estate Agent or Broker looking for a beautiful looking WordPress site with custom IDXBroker results and details pages, then I highly recommend RealtyCandy.

They understand WordPress in and out, and as far as I am concerned are the only ones that can create IDX pages that can compete with the big portals, in looks and functionality. "

Sample Design Portfolio

What is your idea of a great WordPress real estate website design?
18 different sites showing great ideas our clients have built on their own site.

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