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PureIDX websites

We created PureIDX sites at RealtyCandy because we saw time and time again that there are people who only need a simple site. They might do most of their business in person, maybe they need a place to send leads to complete a property search, or they might just be looking for a less expensive website option.

PureIDX sites are the solution. All of our clients can have it for $99/year, and it can be accessed and edited from IDXAddons.com. Just take a look at some of our clients' PureIDX sites below!

Hopefully, you have enjoyed seeing what a handful of our clients have done with IDX Broker and PureIDX.

If you're interested in adding IDX to your PureIDX site, sign up for our one-time $79 fee. For this, you need to have an IDX Broker account and be a Realty Candy client. If you don't have an IDX Broker account yet, signup here and the $99 account setup fee will be waived when you use our link: https://signup.idxbroker.com/d/realtycandy

If you have an IDX Broker account, but you're not our client yet, just email developers@idxbroker.com that says “I want to become a Realty Candy client”.

After this, you're ready to sign up for the $79 IDX Connect integration! Learn more about IDX Connect