Save time and save money

We just did an interesting excersize last month.  We tracked all of our team's time use on all projects.  Customizations, new product development, uploading logos, and email conversations with clients were measured.

We found out three interesting things:

  1. We spend more on salaries and overhead expenses than we are billing per hour.
  2. We spend more time on emails and phone calls with clients than on fixing client websites.
  3. We have more un-billable time than billable time on client projects.

This means that we are actually losing money when we do customizations, most of our time is taken up with communication with clients, and we aren't billing for our time.

If you look at a few service providers we are seeing what people are charging in our market per hour:

  • Book keeper $65
  • Plumber $90
  • Auto Service (Big O Tire) $86
  • Garage door repair $120

I know that when we need these skills, each of them is important.  I also know that there are hundreds of people in our small community who have these three skills.  The real estate WordPress and IDX Broker skill set is less common.

We charge our current "Shop Rate" per hour for building webpages, loading content, custom coding, and communicating by email or phone with clients about projects.

We found that some client projects that we can quickly get work done from good clear instructions are paying for the time we spend with other clients who take a lot of time with us on the phone and by email to get things setup.

We want to provide you with a great product at a price that provides a lot of value to you and your real estate business.

If you have any questions about how we bill or what we bill for, please contact us before signing up for any of our services.