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The fastest free real estate website.

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Get a modern, mobile responsive, real estate website designed to work exclusively with IDX Broker, that you own.

They are secure, easy to change, and run really fast.

What will I need to setup my site?

  • About 1 hour
  • 6 IDX Broker widgets for your market areas
  • 3 IDX Broker saved links for the site
  • 1 paragraph of info about your market
  • Your logo and photos uploaded to Imgur.com or Cloudinary.com
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What is included?

  • Hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Speedy Widgets
  • A complete real estate website


These are really fast, JAMstack websites that you setup and get running in minutes.

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Easy Setup

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IDX Premium Templates

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Cloud Hosted

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Lead Generation

What do PureIDX Cloud-based sites look like?

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More PureIDX Cloud-based examples

Harcourts Vanguard
Harcourts Vanguard
Simply Vegas
Simply Vegas
Dragonfly Realty
Dragonfly Realty

PureIDX includes:

  • 2 Templates
  • Limited customizations
  • Custom Subdomain
  • IDX Connect
  • SSL Certificate
  • IDXAddons
  • IDX Premium Templates
  • Match IDX pages to your website
  • Priority Email Support
  • Cloud-Hosted

PureIDX Cloud-based sites

Setup your site in less than 53 minutes

Move your site hosting in 3 minutes

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Get setup by logging in to https://idxaddons.com.

If you don't use RealtyCandy as your IDX Developer, let us know.  We will show you how you can get setup for free.

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Images from Imgur.com and Cloudinary.com

You get a fast site that is easy to change
and runs really fast and secure.

You can change anything on the site
from our simple setup page.

Technical Stuff

  • Free - with your IDX Broker account
  • Free - No setup or hosting fees
  • Free - Easy to maintain and host


  • Secure - includes SSL certificate
  • Secure - Daily Backups


  • IDX Broker - Automatic IDX integration
  • IDX Broker - Automatic IDX wrapper updates
  • IDX Broker - Add saved links
  • IDX Broker - make community pages
  • IDX Broker - Speedy Widgets


  • Fast - build in 15-30 minutes
  • Fast - loads in less than 2 seconds


  • Modern - JAMstack technology
  • Modern - Javascript, API, Markup 
  • Modern - Images hosted at Cloudinary.com
  • Modern - Cloud-hosted
  • Modern - Built for mobile


  • You own it - download backups when you want
  • You own it - you can migrate to your server in 3 minutes
  • You own it - Replaces WIX, SquareSpace, Weebly, Webflow, or Godaddy site


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