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PureIDX websites are fast to set up. Typically you can get a new website up and running in about an hour. Besides setup speed, these sites load really fast. PureIDX is designed for mobile.

Quick setup Premium designs. Fast and free.

PureIDX sites can be set up in about 1 hour. You load your logo, your hero image, and the content to your site.

You can hire our team to do it for you too for $299.

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Load time Mobile and Desktop. Incredible Speed.

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The world's fastest real estate websites. PureIDX sites can load in under 2 seconds. That helps you get more Google juice and more leads.

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Specifications What's running under the hood?

JAMstack technology

  • Javascript, API, Markup
  • Images hosted at Cloudinary.com and Imgur.com
  • Cloud-hosted
  • Designed for mobile devices



  • Includes SSL certificate for HTTPS.
  • Downloadable daily backups
  • Migrate to any server


IDX Broker Integration

  • Automatic IDX integration with auto-wrapper updates
  • Add IDX Broker saved links
  • Use IDXAddons.com Speedy Widgets


Make it custom Custom layout or setup.

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You can make changes or create your PureIDX site by simply following these videos, or you can hire our team of skilled developers for customizations.

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Sites designed for IDX Broker

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