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Live Training

We provide live training for your office or MLS.  Enjoy our live session titled:

WordPress for Realtors: Web Marketing and Lead Generation

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Customer Support for IDX Broker sites

IDX Broker on your
WordPress site

As a Developer Partner with IDX Broker, we can do everything you need from a standard install to creating customized CSS, Landing Pages, Showcase Pages, Widgets, and Slideshows.  We will help you leverage the IDX Broker Mobile App from IDX Broker “Classic” and even the new HTML5 mobile-ready IDX for iPad and tablets.   We will help you use the CRM and lead management tools to really grow your real estate business.

We can create a website to match your needs.

We don't build for Internet Explorer, since it's an outdated browser with too many bugs and incompatibilities with the technologies we use. We do however build for Google Chrome, Firefox, and iOS.

Realtors to Webmasters

I worked as a full-time Realtor in a brokerage for a national franchise.  While I was there, they provided us with a site like  That worked pretty well for providing SEO and leads to the national company, but it did very little to build my own business.

I wanted something that would provide me with a residual business and I could take with me.  Something that didn’t belong to my broker.  So, I got Thesis and Genesis and started making some websites with IDX Broker integration.  I was surprised at how quickly I could get real leads from real clients on my websites.  I got so busy that I was able to sell leads to other agents.

As time passed, agents and owners of brokerages approached me about building websites using IDX Broker for them.  I was able to help some of my friends really optimize their business and get lots of leads.

I had more agents contacting me about building real estate websites and fixing existing WordPress real estate sites.  I didn’t have enough time to help them and work my real estate business.  As life would work out, my family and I decided to move across the country, and I couldn’t bring my real estate business with me.

I developed a service for using our MLS software, MLXchange for iPad at  This was something that I needed to take good care of my own clients, and other agents saw it and wanted it.

I decided to leave the “Realtor” business and take advantage of my family move to change my business to providing tech services for real estate agents.

I know how to use IDX Broker, AgentPress, and WordPress to build a nice real estate business because I did it.  I can help you build your business too.

We have helped clients in Singapore, Canada to Florida, California to Maine, Las Vegas and Utah, and just about everywhere in between.

Our team here at RealtyCandy includes folks from all over the world. James lived in Mexico for about 16 years, and now is in Utah.  There are others in Utah, New York, Venezuela, Peru, Costa Rica, Taiwan, and even Marie who is from Florida now lives in Belize with her family. 🙂

We are like a lot of modern companies spread all over the world to bring the best skill sets together for our clients.

Let us help you.


IDX Broker Platinum AgentPress specialist


RealtyCandy as my IDX Broker Developer Partner

In order to have your account on our IDX dashboard and to get more API calls for you using our developer API, we need you to inform IDX Broker that we will be your IDX Developer.

All you need to do is shoot an email to that says "I want to use RealtyCandy as my IDX Developer.”  It is fast, easy, and free.

When you do this we will be your first contact for IDX Broker support issues and you will get the following at no charge:

  1. Text alerts for new signups for all agents in your IDX account. (Works great for Office accounts)
  2. TXT SMS alerts for returning visitors to IDX pages (Works great for Office Accounts)
  3. IDX to MailChimp integration
  4. One business-day email support from RealtyCandy
  5. Three times as many API calls on IDX Broker for IDX Addons or other tools.
  6. Mobile Leads tool to follow up with IDX clients. (Works great for Office Accounts)