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Connect Your Wix Website with IDX Broker

Wix is the most popular website builder for real estate agents. Now you can integrate IDX Broker to your Wix site with ease. Get the best platform for realtors and boost your online presence.

IDX Connect for Wix

Why choose WIX?

Wix is one of the most popular real estate website builders. It is easy and fast to build a complete website without knowing how to code. Which is why it’s become one of the most used site builder among our clients.

However, one downside with Wix, is that it doesn’t allow scripts to be added inside their pages for security reasons. This would prevent IDX Broker from working smoothly.

Fortunately, we have a solution. With RealtyCandy's IDXConnect, you can have your IDX pages fully integrated with your Wix website without using iframes. By becoming our IDX partner, you also get access to our exclusive templates and widgets to show your MLS listings on your Wix pages.

Wix IDXConnect

If you want to show your IDX Broker listings and allow your users to make searches directly on your Wix real estate website, now you can!

With RealtyCandy's IDXConnect you will get:

Priority Email Support

Great customer support from the RealtyCandy team via chat or email.

Great for Developers & DIY

You can make color and style changes in the IDX Broker and IDXAddons panels, move widgets, etc.

Custom Subdomain setup

This is an excellent tool to boost your SEO, it credits your primary domain for the IDX pages content.

Match pages to your website

We will make your IDX Pages be styled just like your website, making your client's experience more fluid.

Have a search tool on your home page

We will add our Omnisearch tool styled to match your website style in your homepage during the IDX Connect setup.

CSS styling enhancements

We will style and fix the style of our templates to be compatible with your website codes.

20 point setup

We will change some IDX Broker setting to make a more complete integration with your website and your type of property selling.

Access to our IDXAddons

Get full access to our tools and widgets for FREE. You will be able to use all current and new tools on any of your website pages.

Access to our IDX Premium Templates

Have full access to any of our current and new IDX Broker page templates! With this, you will be able to change your IDX Broker pages layout with just one click!

Best real estatewebsites using Wix

Watch the video below to see some websites of our WIX IDX clients, their features, and how they use our IDXAddons to get more leads.

IDX Broker for Wixon real estate websites

If you are still unsure if RealtyCandy's IDXConnect is the best solution for you, here are some examples of real clients for you to take a look.


Get the first IDX Broker ChatFor FREE

If you purchase our IDXConnect now, we will add our new Chat tool to your WIX site at no additional cost.

Our chat is completely built for IDX Broker and allows you to respond in real time to your customers. You can also create and edit leads directly in the chat portal, without having to access the IDX dashboard.

Powerful widgets for Wix Real Estate websitesCheck out some of the most used IDXAddons

With our free IDXAddons you will be able to add widgets to your Wix pages and make your users interact more with your website. You will also be able to increase your SEO by using some of our tools. Take a look at our most used widgets by Wix real estate websites: