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Speedy Widget Mockup VirtualShowing Template agentsofarch.com

Why should you use the
Speedy IDX Widgets addon?

One of the problems we have seen on sites that use a lot of IDX Broker widgets like Showcase or Carousel is that the pages load really slowly.

The reason for this is that IDX Broker is serving up a complete, full-sized photo of the property that has to load on the page.

If you have just one widget with one or two listings, this isn’t a big issue. But if you have more than 25 images loading on a carousel or showcase widget, then, you may have a page that is 2 MB or 4 MB or even more, that takes forever for clients to load and view.

With our Speedy IDX Widgets addon, your pages' load time will be dramatically reduced. And if this wasn't good enough, you will also be able to have your widgets styled with our modern and responsive themes with one click.

Faster and Beautiful Showcase or Carousel widgets.

Convert your widget's code using our Speedy IDX Widgets and have access to more than 10 themes available in our library.

Speedy Widget Theme Casabella

Casabella Theme

One of the most used themes from our set. A clean theme with possibility to customize the badge color.

Flagship Theme

This theme has a diagonal ribbon with the status of the listing, that can have the color changed in the colors section.

Speedy Widget Theme Flagship
Speedy Widget Theme IDXZen

IDX Zen Theme

A simple and modern widget with a dark overlay in the image.

Naples Theme

This theme highlights the listing image, it shows only the price when the cursor hovers the image. You can customize the background image in our IDXAddons panel.

Speedy Widget Theme Naples
Speedy Widget Theme SmartHome

SmartHome Theme

A very popular theme that has icons for beds and baths. This theme allows you to change the status badge color.

SweetHome Theme

A modern theme that has a dark overlay in the listing photo. This theme also has icons for beds and baths.

Speedy Widget Theme SweetHome
Speedy Widget Theme Uptown

Uptown Theme

This is the simplest theme we offer, it allows you to change the background and text color.

Houses 12 Theme

A theme with customizable status badge color, it also has icons for beds and baths, and you can also change the status color.

Speedy Widget Theme Houses 12
Speedy Widget Theme Houses 13

Houses 13 Theme

This theme has a hover effect that softens the dark overlay in the listing photo. It also counts with icons to make the layout simpler. This theme allows you to change the status colors.

Houses 15 Theme

Another theme with a hover effect. Very similar to Houses 13 theme, this layout has the beds and bath information in the same line as the address of the property. This theme also allows you to change the status colors.

Speedy Widget Theme Houses 15
Speedy Widget Theme Agent Focused

Agent Focused Theme

A simple style with bigger font for the price of the listing.

Virtual Showing Theme

Inspired on the new IDX Broker widget style exclusive for listings with Virtual Showing. Now you can use this theme to have any widget with the same layout with the possibility of changing the status colors.

Speedy Widget Theme Virtual Showing
Speedy Widget Theme Signature

Signature Theme

One of the newest themes, this layout has a summary of the listing and shows more information when you hover the listing with a nice animation. You will be able to edit the status color in the IDXAddons panel.

Coast Theme

This widget theme has a modern grid layout with all the information your users need and also has a nice animation when you hover the image. You can customize the price and status colors.

Speedy Widget Theme Coast

Quick to setup.Big advantages.

Watch this video to see the difference using the Speedy IDX Widget makes on your website's loading time!