Make the MLS meaningful

IDX Broker makes it simple to display all the MLS listings on your website.
We make it look beautiful.

IDX mobile responsive customization

IDX Broker Services


Get the whole MLS on your website. Works for WordPress, Weebly, or other websites.

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Impress your clients with stunning IDX. Make your IDX widgets, search, results and details pages beautiful.

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IDX Addons

Get more out of IDX.  Engage your visitors.  Capture more leads. Nurture your clients.

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6 free benefits for all our IDX Broker clients

  1. Text alerts for new signups for all agents in your IDX account. (Works great for Office accounts)
  2. TXT SMS alerts for returning visitors to IDX pages (Works great for Office Accounts)
  3. IDX to MailChimp integration
  4. One business-day email support from RealtyCandy
  5. Three times as many API calls on IDX Broker for IDX Addons or other tools.
  6. Facebook Search tool
  7. Mobile Leads tool to follow up with IDX clients. (Works great for Office Accounts)

If you already have an IDX Broker account and want these great features just send an email or a chat request to us and we will show you how to get them at no charge in one business day.

Text for IDX Broker leads

Client Stories


Milton Knight

"Realty Candy has been doing this for many years and their experience and knowledge shows. Realty Candy representatives have been cooperative, professional, and have always displayed a "can-do" attitude.

[...] Through the telephone calls, emails, and conversations they have demonstrated IDX website development brilliance and real worldexperience. They have always been polite and a pleasure to deal with. I cannot speak highly enough of them."

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Russ Mattia

Russell Mattia

"James and the team at RealtyCandy, are very easy to work with. They are on the cutting edge of technology, and will create any wizard you want with their knowledge of code."

"If you do not see it ask, most likely the team will be able to do it for you. They always have new updates to make your website faster and more efficient. I think these guys give a great product at a fair price!"

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