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You got your real estate website ready.
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It’s a one-time payment of $79

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idxpages mockup 2
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Connect IDX to your websiteGet even more leads.

IDXConnect is a service that we provide that integrate IDX Broker to any website you own, be it WordPress, Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, Webflow, Duda, Showit, or any other platform. You pay a one-time payment of $79 for the IDXConnect and get free access to our IDXAddons and our Premium Templates.



Quick and easyA complete solution.

After the IDX Broker signup is complete, they will send you the forms that your MLS requires you to sign to activate your service within a few minutes. Once you send the signed forms, they will be sent to your MLS for authorization. Most of the MLS in the United States will authorize your account within 1 to 3 days. After the MLS office authorizes your data feed, IDX Broker will configure your account on their servers within 1 day and send you your username and a link so that you can set your password. After that, the IDXConnect is done usually in 1 to 2 business days.

With that said, in around a week, you will have IDX Broker completely integrated into your website.

SimplyIDX - IDX Zen

Get the new Simply IDX WordPress for WordPress

Our Simply IDX WordPress setup includes a full IDX Broker integration, as well building out your new homepage with all the features from any of the available home page design you choose. This includes a search tool, listings widget, and custom results links to display the areas you want to show.

Just $499 to set up.

Learn more

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Make full use of IDXConnect For a great user experience.

After we finish your IDXConnect, you will have on your homepage an Omnisearch styled to match your website style, one Speedy Widget that increases your website speed - compared to normal widgets - with your featured listings, and our Google Map widget.

We will also apply some improvements settings on your IDX Broker account to make your IDX Broker pages totally compatible with all devices.

But be aware that the IDXConnect does NOT include setting up/adding items to your website menus or buttons, custom colors on the IDX Broker buttons (you can use our IDXColors Addon on any Realty Candy templates), setting up or creating more than one widget (that we add in your homepage), making Saved Links, or any other tasks.

You can do those things using the videos in our YouTube channel or you can hire our developers to do them for you.


Improve the clients' experience And have more sales.

IDX Connect for Squarespace

With the IDXConnect service, you will have access to our IDXAddons; you will be able to use any of our IDX Premium Templates; you will have priority email support with our team; you will also get Text Alerts for new leads; and you will also be able to use our IDX.Chat to quickly and easily reply your leads on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

You can also get support on the custom Subdomain setup process, which is a feature IDX offers and is great for SEO.

To impress your visitors.IDX Broker + Realty Candy.

With IDX Broker and Realty Candy Addons, you will have the entire MLS listings available to add to your website. You will be able to display photos and information about the real estate listings in your area. This will make your users feature your website to search for their dream homes. All this without relying on expensive RETS feeds and displaying an indexable IDX feed to your site.

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Mockup mobile IDX template

A complete IDX Broker integrationAt a very affordable price.

For a one-time payment of $79, you will get your IDX Broker set up for WordPress, Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, Webflow, Duda, or other platforms. When you signup, IDX Broker will waive their $100 account activation fee.

What you will get

Priority Email Support

Great customer support from the RealtyCandy team via chat or email.

Great for Developers & DIY

You can make color and style changes in the IDX Broker and IDXAddons panels, move widgets, etc.

Custom Subdomain setup

This is an excellent tool to boost your SEO, it credits your primary domain for the IDX pages content.

Match pages to your website

We will make your IDX Pages be styled just like your website, making your client's experience more fluid.

Have a search tool on your home page

We will add our Omnisearch tool styled to match your website style in your homepage during the IDXConnect setup.

CSS styling enhancements

We will style and fix the style of our templates to be compatible with your website codes.

20 point setup

We will change some IDX Broker setting to make a more complete integration with your website and your type of property selling.

Access to our IDXAddons

Get full access to our tools and widgets for FREE. You will be able to use all current and new tools on any of your website pages.

Access to our IDX Premium Templates

Have full access to any of our current and new IDX Broker page templates! With this, you will be able to change your IDX Broker pages layout with just one click!

Ready to get started?Follow these simple steps.

We require 3 things to get started:

1. Your payment of $79 for the IDXConnect service, which you can do here.

2. Admin access to your site.

3. Your IDX Broker account credentials.

You can signup for IDX Broker here and save $100 on the IDX Broker signup fee. If you already have an account, you just need to send IDX an email ( saying: "I want to use RealtyCandy as my developer".

Still in doubt?View what our clients say about us.