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Hudson Condos

IDX Broker real estate customizations

We love doing great customizations for IDX Broker and WordPress. We love building new IDX Addons and apps for people.

We also love for our children to be able to have shoes like the neighbors when they are out playing.

We charge for the following:

  • Time working on your website, IDX, or other tools
  • Time responding to your emails
  • Time helping you resolve issues with your site on the phone
IDX Broker Customization – Page Designs

Exact Pricing and Estimates

We have had a lot of people want us to give them a flat-rate quote for custom work on their website.  We don't do that for custom work.  You can purchase a new website setup at a flat rate here on our website page.

If you think about it, when you get a new home built with a plain concrete block wall, the rate is “so many dollars per foot”.  It is really pretty easy to calculate because the contractors spend all day putting up concrete block walls.  If you want a custom wall built with rescued brick and stone, it will be charged by the hour because there are so many unknowns.

We would love to know if your project is going to take 5 hours or 10 hours to complete, but we usually don't know.  If we tell you that it will be between about 5 and about 10 hours, then we recommend that you put ten or twelve $100 bills in your pocket.  When we are done if it took 4 or 8 hours to do your project, then you will have some extra money to go somewhere fun during the weekend, or even have some more work done to your site.  If it takes us 10 or 12 hours to finish the project, then you had the money set aside, and it shouldn't be much of an issue for you.

There are thousands of factors that will impact the amount of time.  Hosting, Themes, Plugins, the IDX feed we get from your MLS, and many more.  We try to get you a reasonable estimate of how long it will take, but sometimes a project can be more complicated than we calculated.

There are many people who don't feel comfortable with this type of pricing and want us to give them an exact price.  While we completely understand that, we can't provide exact pricing.  If that is something you need, we recommend that you find other folks who can provide that for you.


We charge $150 per hour and bill in 1/2 hour increments. That means that if you have us fix that logo we mentioned above, and it only takes 15 minutes, we will charge $75. If you want us to do a few things to fill that time, we can do that too.

If you want it to be a RUSH PRIORITY PROJECT, we charge $300 per hour, and we will start within one business day. We also work at least 2 hours per business day on your project.

IDX Broker Customization – Other

Scope Creep

We also have occasions when a client will ask something like: "How much time will it take to add my logo?". We may tell them about 15 minutes. Then we get another email asking something like "While you are working on my site, can you adjust the menus?". The answer is a resounding "SURE! We can fix your menus." That means that instead of billing the time to fix the logo, we will also be adding the time to fix the menus.

This modification or expansion of a project is what we call "scope creep". If you google it, you will see it is a common issue. We know that when you start on a project fixing your site, it is easy to want a few more things done while we are in there and we are happy to do it.


Typically, we will send an invoice on Wednesday for the previous week's work.  If the invoice isn't paid by Friday, our system will automatically bill it.  If you need some other arrangements for billing, please let us know before we start on your project.

Our developers get paid based on the work that is paid for by clients.  We really appreciate your timely payment, just as you appreciate us doing the work on your site. 😉

How we work

  • We typically work from about 9-5 M-F. We really don’t plan work on the weekends. It normally will take about 5-7 business days to get a new project into our work queue. We typically work about 2 hours on each project each week.
  • We recommend that every 2-3 days you reach out to the developer and let them know how you feel about the changes on your project. Please include links to URL’s and screenshots with your updates, so we can see what you see.
  • Our developers will also contact you every 2-3 days with an update, so you can provide feedback and information that is needed.
    When you work directly with the developer, we feel that this will make your project run faster and save you time and money.
  • We ask our developers NOT to take phone calls because phone calls can be very time-consuming and there is not a “paper-trail” of what needs to be done. We recommend that you make a video and share it with us instead of a phone call. That allows us to see what you are referring to.
  • Our team is all remote workers.  Some of us are in Utah or California, but most our team are in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, or some other part of the world, and sometimes James will be in Mexico.  Our developers have great  English skills, but generally don't want to talk on the phone.  It is harder to understand what clients want than through email.
  • If you need to rush your project, we can add more time to your project (2 hours) each day for a 100% up-charge. If you want it even faster, we will work up to 4 hours a day on your project for triple our normal rate.
  • If we are actively working on your project, and we don’t have contact from you within 2 business days, then we will move your project to our “archived” projects. Once you get back in touch with us, we will need 3 business days to get it back into our work queue.
  • All conversations about the project should be done via email. This helps you and helps us know what we each said. It also gives us a paper trail that helps you and our team know what the expectations are.
  • We want to have happy customers who are thrilled to work with us. If we are not a good match at the beginning, let's be honest with each other and both go our separate ways.
  • We don’t build for outdated browsers with too many bugs and incompatibilities with the technologies we use. We do however build for Google Chrome, Firefox, and iOS.
  • If this doesn’t seem like it will work for you, we understand. If you think it should take less time to do something, we understand. And if you think we should charge flat-rate or by the job, we understand. But after doing thousands of hours of WordPress, IDX Broker, and IDX Addon work over the years, we have learned that this is the fairest way for us and for you.
  • We will work as hard, as fast, and as smart as we can on your project. We hope you will be happy and have a great experience. Let us know if we can do anything to make your site more successful.

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