Agencies and Developers using IDX Broker

We have had a number of agencies and developers contact us recently about what we can do to help them get IDX Broker setup for their clients.

We have always felt pretty confident with the agency and developer crowd.  For the last 5-6 years we have told folks that about 60-70% of our business comes from agencies and website developers.

Our pricing has always had a bit of a "wholesale" look to it.  I grew up near the home office of Walmart, and their philosophy has been "to take price out of the equation".  We have worked on getting our pricing down to where working with RealtyCandy for your IDX Broker setup is a killer deal.

In the last month, we have been approached by some new clients looking for even more services for their clients.  They don't want to be burdened with figuring out how to setup and support IDX Broker clients.  These companies focus on advertising and marketing.  They are looking for a true partner to take over the IDX Broker-side of things.

We have a new set of features that we are offering to web agencies and devs that looks like this:

After You Get
10 Active IDX Clients with RealtyCandy
Free IDXConnect for your future clients ($79 per client value)
20 Active IDX Clients with RealtyCandy
1 free Premium Details Template Design ($500 value)
30 Active IDX Clients with RealtyCandy
1 free Premium Results Template Design ($500 value)
40 Active IDX Clients with RealtyCandy
1 free Premium Roster Template Design ($500 value)
50 Active IDX Clients with RealtyCandy
1 free Premium Map Search Template Design ($1000 value)
60 Active IDX Clients with RealtyCandy
1 free Custom IDXAddon App for your clients.


We will offer more and more features for IDX Broker developer partners who want more value for their clients.

Right now, all of your clients (starting at 1) get free access to all our current Premium IDX Broker Template Designs.  Your clients also get access to all of the Premium features of for free.

Try out all of that we offer with a no-obligation trial as a RealtyCandy client.  You can just send an email to that says "I want to use RealtyCandy as my IDX developer."

When you send that email, your payments will continue as they are, directly to IDX Broker, and you will get access to all our Premium features for free, and our Premium IDX Template Designs.

Start today and get more and more value for your clients.