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Houses details IDX template looks great for Houzez theme

We have had a lot of people over the years ask about how to make their IDX Broker pages look like the Houzez WordPress theme.  In the past it required several hours of billable customizations, but now you can get a layout that matches your theme for free!

Introducing the Houses IDX Broker details page for Houzez theme

One of the challenges of buying a WordPress theme from Themeforest like Houzez, is that the custom layouts are hard to replicate with your IDX listings.

This is because the theme authors spent a lot of time styling and designing what in the WordPress-world is known as a “Custom Post Type” or CPT.  These CPT layouts are really nice, but they have one HUGE drawback….. they have to be updated manually.

Now you can use our Houses design on your IDX Broker details pages to make your IDX pages match the layout on your Houzez template website.

How does the Houses IDX details page work?

Unlike the WordPress Custom Post Type we mentioned above, this is an actual IDX Broker Details page template.  It will work on any WordPress site, or any WIX, SquareSpace, Weebly, PureIDX or other platform.

We use the templating engine that IDX Broker shares with their developer partners to build a truly custom details page in IDX Broker that has a nice layout to match your Houzez theme pages.

One tricky part of this is that Houzez actually has a handful of different page layouts, so this design is really made to be generic in the sense that it will work in a variety of websites.  Here is an example on a PureIDX website:

Example of a Houses IDX page for Houzez theme

What if I don’t use the Houzez theme on WordPress?  Can I still use the Houses details page?

You can use the Houses IDX details page on any WordPress theme.  The layout will stay pretty similar to the layout shown above.

If you are using another Themeforest theme for your IDX Broker site and you don’t see the design you want, just ask us.  We have about 12 different designs that you can use.  Take a peek at the custom IDX templates here to see  some of the designs we have available for free.

What if I don’t use WordPress?  Can I still use the Houses details page?

Ok, so you have a WIX, PureIDX, SquareSpace, or Weebly site?  Or something else?  And you want to use this Houses details page on your IDX Broker feed?

It is a piece of cake.  Just go to the IDX Broker admin at and select “Layout” for the details page.  There you will see a page that looks like this:

How to change the template on your houzez theme

Just click on the “Edit” in the column and row that are highlighted, and from there you select the “Houses” template and click on “Activate”.

If you don’t use RealtyCandy as your IDX Broker developer partner, let us know and we can help you get this design and all of our other software and designs for free.

Can I see an example of the Houses template on a live site?

Sure.  Take a quick look at:

Please be kind and don’t fill out contact forms or other things.  This is actually a live site for one of our clients.  They are using the Houses template on their site.

How much does the Houses details page design cost?

You should know the answer to that by now!

All of these designs are available to our IDX Broker clients as part of our Freemium tools for free!

Choose a free details page design for IDX Broker

Login to IDX Broker and set this Houses Details page as your default page today.

If you don’t have IDX Broker visit to signup today and get all of our designs for free!

Check out the video below to see how easy it is to change your template: