Smart Home free easy to use real estate theme download customizer features

Get to know SmartHome our new free WordPress for real estate theme

We are presenting now our second free WordPress for real estate theme that we released, it’s called SmartHome. It is designed to be modern, clean and fully customized. It is really easy and intuitive to setup. You will have your website fully customized in about 30 to 60 minutes. We are offering it to everyone for free. Download the theme here. You can also download it on LeaderCRM. You just need to activate your account at to get the free download. You can see a Demo here Quick & Easy Setup Our goal when building SmartHome was to […]

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Sweet Home Pro Full Website Setup Real Estate Wordpress and IDX Broker Real Estate Theme

Sweet Home Pro Setup: a complete WordPress and IDX Broker setup for your business

We are really excited to announce the release of the improved and quick start version of the Sweet Home Theme. The Sweet Home Pro is a theme designed to improve the installation, setup process, and management of the Sweet Home installation. We developed it after studying the main roadblocks when getting started with the Sweet Home Theme, and came up with an improved Sweet Home theme as a solution! RealtyCandy is now offering complete Sweet Home Pro setups for our clients. The goal is to deliver a fully customized, branded and ready-to-go website for our clients in 2 business days. […]

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Fixing IDX Broker 404 errors on details pages

I just got this question from a client: Q. Is there any way to NOINDEX the listing details pages (just the listing details pages)? I’m getting a lot of notices from Google of 404 status for listings that have have been removed. A. I am not really sure how to do that. I don’t think you can. I used to get a lot of questions about that.  Here is the link I would share with people: 404 errors are not bad.  They let Google know that the page isn’t there anymore and that they should remove it from their index.  […]

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settings to turn off or on AutoSaved Searches

Auto Saved Searches for IDX Broker

If you are like a lot of our clients, you have IDX Broker setup, but you find that some of your leads are not getting the emails with the property updates. Get the most out of your IDX with email updates When you have a new lead signup for an account and save one property or even a handful, our server uses AI to look at the properties and searches that your users have looked at, and create a saved search for them. I just looked at a report showing a snippet of traffic from some of our clients: It […]

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Comparison of Sweet Home Real Estate Theme performance before and after Speedy IDX Widgets

Sweet Home theme with IDX Speedy Widgets is Smokin’ Home

  We are really excited about the free WordPress for real estate theme that we recently released called SweetHome. It is designed to be really easy to setup and we think that most people can watch the video the look over the setup guide and get the site setup in about 30 to 60 minutes. We are offering it to everyone for free. You just need to activate your account at to get the free download. Hosting SweetHome with RealtyCandy You also have the option to host with us. When you do, we include 2 big free features: 1. […]

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