Comparison of Sweet Home Real Estate Theme performance before and after Speedy IDX Widgets

Sweet Home theme with IDX Speedy Widgets is Smokin’ Home

  We are really excited about the free WordPress for real estate theme that we recently released called SweetHome. It is designed to be really easy to setup and we think that most people can watch the video the look over the setup guide and get the site setup in about 30 to 60 minutes. We are offering it to everyone for free. You just need to activate your account at to get the free download. Hosting SweetHome with RealtyCandy You also have the option to host with us. When you do, we include 2 big free features: 1. […]

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Demo site for free real estate theme download

New free WordPress real estate theme for IDX Broker

We made a page called real estate themes for free last week to share all of the great features about our new Sweet Home foundation theme.  If you are looking for a second website or to update your existing website, look no further! Quick & Easy Setup We have Realtors and brokers call and email us looking for a real estate theme for WordPress that is simple to use and simple to setup.  When we built Sweet Home, our goal was to make it very easy and fast to setup. Things like changing the logo, changing the color scheme, loading big images, […]

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Screenshot of IDX alerts for returning visitors

Text alerts for returning visitors for IDX Broker

We get phone calls from real estate agents who want a website that has all the benefits of a WordPress site with IDX Broker, but also has the great features of some of our competitors like BoomTown, Kunversion, and RealGeeks.  One of the features that we get asked about most is a text alert for when a returning IDX client comes back to the site. Introducing text alerts for returning IDX Broker leads I had an interesting experience last year when I was working with a local Realtor to purchase a property.  I would get sent an email update of […]

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IDX searches on Facebook

Facebook Search for IDX Broker

It is staggering to see the number of hours people spend each week on Facebook.  Television networks are getting concerned about falling ratings, but here is a great way you can capitalize on this trend to build your real estate business into a high-performance real estate business. Show your listings on Facebook You may have already connected your Facebook page to your IDX Broker “Featured Listings” page.  If you haven’t take a look at this quick video to get that setup in just a few minutes: You will just need to be logged in to your IDX Broker dashboard and […]

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Laptop showing a code snippet

Why we chose Flywheel over WPEngine

We are upgrading servers for our managed WordPress websites. We are moving all our real estate hosting clients to FlyWheel from WPEngine. We have been very happy with WPEngine for years, and while we appreciate the opportunity we have had to work with them and enjoy their great support, we feel it is time to move. FlyWheel provides a bump in speed, and their server interface is simpler to work with. We also are getting PHP 7, which is the newest version of PHP. This will provide great security and speed for our clients. Why Flywheel? I thought WPEngine was […]

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Blogging for real estate

6 Reasons Every Real Estate Agent Needs a Website

Get with the times It’s the twentieth century.  There is a good chance that your son or daughter has a site dedicated to their pet turtle that gets 100 hits a day.  Shouldn’t you have a place dedicated to you and your business?  The web is indisputably the most important resource that consumers have to make informed purchases. Think of all the research somebody might do before buying a new pair of shoes.  They’re going to consider the size; the fit; what stores have the best price, return policy, etc.; is it better to buy online or at a local […]

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Searching for real estate domain names

12 days to building a better real estate website – Domain Name

One of the most frequent questions we get on phone calls and in emails is: “How can I build a better real estate website?” There are so many different things that can be done to get more leads from an existing real estate website that we can’t share all of them in one blog post. I want to take some time and over the next 12 weeks, show you 12 things that we have seen people do to get more out of their existing site. Day 1: Use a great real estate domain name How can I choose a great […]

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Text for IDX Broker leads

LeaderCRM – Simple CRM for IDX Broker

LeaderCRM brings text messaging to IDX Broker In our quest to make real estate simple for real estate agents and brokers, we have been working on a great new tool. LeaderCRM is a simple, fast, and friendly CRM for IDX Broker. We know that nurturing your clients and following up with them is the single most important part of any real estate website. To make it faster and easier for you to see what is happening with your clients you need all their IDX information with you at a moment’s notice. 1. Mobile First You have the IDX Broker information […]

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How to get your website outranking Zillow and the End of Summer update outranks Zillow on Google I had an incredible experience the other day when I was talking to Mark at about website security. He asked me to go to Google and type in “Hoboken real estate”. Holy Smokes!! I was amazed to see his WordPress site ranking on top of Zillow, Trulia,, Redfin and some other huge players. Mark had a vision of how he could rank for his search term and be the top site for real estate in Hoboken. In less than 18 months, he went from being on page 23 to being #1 for his […]

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Google Insights speed test

WordPress Speed

With the emphasis Google has been making over the last few years, we get a lot of questions about WordPress speed and what can be done to make a WordPress site faster. Some of the things in this article will be things we discussed in the article about making your WordPress site 9x Faster and some of them are going to be completely new and different. If you are looking for a Speed Audit and Tune-up, there is a big button at the bottom of the article. Why is WordPress site speed so dang important? When visitors come to your site, the […]

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WordPress IDX Broker Facebook seller leads plugin

Sellers Leads IDX Add-on for new listings

If you have seen Leads2Listings you will love the new Sellers Leads IDX Addon tool we have just launched. With this new tool you can setup a marketing campaign inside of Facebook or using Google Adwords and select just the market you want. Then send these leads to your new Sellers Leads page and convert those leads into new listings. Get more Seller Leads All Realtors know that the lifeblood of most real estate businesses is having good listings. Listings are real estate inventory. This new Premium IDX Addon takes the power of Google Maps, Zestimates, and IDX Broker and […]

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