Customization Showcase – Neil Lyon Group’s Neighborhood Page

At RealtyCandy, we offer customization services for IDX Broker-integrated websites, and we love working with sites built on platforms like Squarespace and WIX, so we like to highlight some of our clients who came to us with great ideas we implemented on their site.

One of our clients with some impressive functionality on their Squarespace site is the Neil Lyon Group.

The Neil Lyon Group is among the top producers in Santa Fe’s real estate market. Working jointly with Sotheby’s International Realty as the #1 brokerage in Santa Fe, they have earned that spot from their dedication to their labor of love.

With 43 years of experience as of 2019, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that every detail of working with this brokerage gets you quality commitment, and that includes the attention to detail on their website.


The Neil Lyon Group’s philosophy is that luxury is an experience, not a price point, and you can tell they have a focus on luxurious user experience when you browse their amazing custom website.

In particular, they have a Neighborhood section that fully fleshes out the different zones of Santa Fe, using a map with an accompanying list to showcase each area geographically, and specialized results pages for each area to give exclusively that area’s listings.

We helped create the Santa Fe Neighborhoods feature on The Neil Lyon Group’s site after having discussions and sharing examples to determine exactly how they wanted it to work.

How Does It Work?

The Neil Lyon Group website is built completely on Squarespace. We have a great integration process for IDX Broker on Squarespace websites, taking no more time than a WordPress or WIX website integration, all for a one-time fee of just $79.

You can see more details about everything included in the integration process on our Home Page.

We also have partners that work with our clients as well, like Gerda, who specializes in Squarespace sites for Realtors, and also worked with the Neil Lyon Group.

With our developers' help in linking their interactive map and creating neighborhood results pages, their Santa Fe Neighborhoods page now showcases a fantastic feature to separate the different areas they serve into individual listing results for a much cleaner, easy-to-understand user experience. When it comes to creating and operating websites, luxury means convenience.


By clicking on each neighborhood, you can see the results pages with listings for just that area. You can actually click on the map or the list to its left to take you over to this page.

It also features a Quick Search that easily filters through the properties by square footage, acres, bedrooms, or price range and an additional field for extra features like sorting by the day listed or filtering out properties for a maximum amount of days listed.

With a personalized hero image and a detailed description for each neighborhood or area, these pages stand out more than the average results page. Since Neil Lyon Group’s site is a Squarespace site, these are made with custom CSS and HTML, with some additional JavaScript to create the sidebar.

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