Introducing Community Stats and Data Graphs

Here at RealtyCandy, we’re always trying to offer our clients more improvements and features to make their website everything they want it to be. So, we’ve started developing some new tools, including the Community Stats and Community Data Graphs. Our Community Stats IDX Add-on is a tool we now offer free here at RealtyCandy to help you boost the functionality and style of your site. It helps brokers to feature communities by linking them to any page via a small widget, showcasing some of the basic information about the communities and enabling potential clients to easily find and view the […]

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Upgraded: IDX Broker Platinum EMODF Day 60

IDX Broker Platinum Logo

IDX Broker Platinum is here and better than ever.  Completely rebuilt, the IDX System has many new and improved additional features on top of those that anyone who knows the system loves. Some of these new features include IDX pages that have been optimized for easy and high quality viewing on mobile devices.    These pages which are available in all Platinum accounts will ensure that by design, you are directed to the mobile IDX whenever the IDX System is accessed from a mobile device. A definite plus for anyone using the system is that all of the IDX mobile sites […]

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Google Juice for Real Estate Websites with IDX Broker Platinum and WordPress EMODF Day 50

Stats IDX Broker AgentPress Wordpress Websites

IDX Broker Platinum for 50 days IDX Broker Platinum and 50 days of eating my own “dog food”.  This blogging is actually kind of fun, but it is hard to find time during a busy day to post.  So here I am at 11:02 p.m.  I just finished changing some CSS code on a real estate website for a client in Florida, setting up IDX Broker Platinum for another client in Las Vegas, and working on a third IDX Broker Platinum integration in Texas.   Everyone else in the house is asleep, and I should be too! I have spoken […]

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Are you driving traffic to your real estate website?

stats april agentpress idx broker

I was working with a client recently who was getting one of our new-fangled AgentPress and IDX broker websites.  As I began asking him about how many visitors he got each day, week or month.  He had purchased a site with another supplier to the real estate industry. I was shocked when he told me that he had no idea.  He didn’t have any statistics or information about how many visitors he had.  He felt like he had gotten business from the site, but he didn’t know how much. One of the things we are little fanatical about is stats. […]

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