Equity vs. Genesis real estate

Equity Framework instead of Genesis for WordPress

Genesis vs. Equity Framework mental battle We have been using the Genesis framework for years and we really like their product. We have attended their “AgentPress Live” and their “Authority” conferences.  We have really enjoyed using Genesis for our clients and our developers have developed a nice skill set with Genesis. Last week, I had an opportunity to visit with Chad Johnson the CEO of AgentEvolution, and he really shed some light on the Equity framework for me: He explained that many of the features that Equity has are very similar to Genesis. He also explained that they are working to REALLY integrate […]

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clean mobile responsive AgentPress IDX Broker

Clean Mobile Responsive Real Estate Theme

Clean Mobile responsive real estate theme is one of our new mobile responsive WordPress themes built using the Genesis framework and integrated with AgentPress functionality.  Check out Clean Mobile responsive theme demo on your mobile device by visiting http://bit.ly/clnmobile or clicking on any of the images below: Optimized for IDX Broker and Diverse Solutions This new Clean Mobile responsive theme is already optimized for IDX Broker Platinum for Mobile and Diverse Solutions IDX (DS IDX) right out of the box. We can quickly add the IDX search boxes that your clients need to find their new home purchase.  We also have the […]

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