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Equity Framework instead of Genesis for WordPress

Equity framework vs. Genesis real estate

Genesis vs. Equity Framework mental battle

We have been using the Genesis framework for years and we really like their product. We have attended their “AgentPress Live” and their “Authority” conferences.  We have really enjoyed using Genesis for our clients and our developers have developed a nice skill set with Genesis.

Last week, I had an opportunity to visit with Chad Johnson the CEO of AgentEvolution, and he really shed some light on the Equity framework for me:

He explained that many of the features that Equity has are very similar to Genesis. He also explained that they are working to REALLY integrate more IDX Broker features into the Equity real estate framework. Another item Chad  mentioned was, that as time goes by, AgentEvolution will give more and more emphasis to Equity and less and less attention to their Genesis themes.

After my phone call with Chad, I decided that we are going to commit to using Equity framework for our real estate WordPress sites. We also have touted the benefits of Genesis to a lot of people over the years, but what we really want is the very best IDX Broker and WordPress solution for our clients. If that is going to be with Equity in the future, then it is time that we make the switch.

We want to take advantage of tools that are designed to work well together, and are developed in a way that the user experience is wonderful.  Very much like Apple designs their iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks.

The big Equity real estate framework announcement

We are going to be doing all of our new theme development this year on Equity.

Yes, we are still going to have all of our Genesis themes.  We will still do work for AgentPress and other Genesis sites we have built, but our new development will be on the Equity framework.

Equity and the IDX Broker for WordPress real estate niche

I was really impressed with Chad and Dave Bonds’ kindness and desire to really build a world-class platform for WordPress real estate sites as I visited with them. As much as we like the folks at Copyblogger/StudioPress, they don’t have that real estate focus.

Since what we know how to do is IDX Broker, WordPress and real estate, working with Equity makes more sense for us in the long run. Our niche clients are served best by us using tools that are build and designed for real estate use.

We will be adding more information detailing what we are doing with the Equity framework, and to share plugins we are building to expand the functionality.

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