IDX Broker Tools Features and Benefits

idx_broker_real_estate_website_themesWe used to do Diverse Solutions, SEORETS, ihomefinder, etc, but last year, we made a strategic change to only do IDX Broker installs.What happens is that by doing this, we are able to really focus on developing some great IDX Broker tools. Our clients tend to have a more positive experience with us and with the IDX Broker product.

These are a few of the tools that we have created that clients ask about. If there is something else you need, just fill out the “Contact Us” at the bottom of the page.

IDX Broker mobile search tools


API Search tool Broker Theme WordPress real estate

API Search Tool

IDX Broker mobile search tools

Slider Search Tool

Engage your visitors

IDX Broker and IDX Broker Platinum are a key part of any real estate website. IDX Broker is the perfect lead generation and lead capture tool.

Real Estate Search

Real estate search is the number one reason people visit real estate websites. Your visitors will be able to search thousands of home listings, with pricing, virtual tours, and photos for each property.

Save Searches

As your visitors are searching for homes, they have the option to save homes that have perked their interest or met their search criteria. Clients can even save searches and receive free email updates when there are new properties available that meet their needs. These updates help keep you in touch with your clients.

Get visitors

We are “Developer Partners” with IDX Broker. We have been working with them since the very early stages of development on the new IDX Broker Platinum for Mobile. We have clients who have been showcased in IDX Broker webinars for having tens of thousands of pages indexed by Google and other features that we have built into client websites.

Map Search

Your visitors can use the dynamic map search to search using IDX Broker.  Not everyone wants to use search forms and these maps work on mobile and tablet devices too.  Your clients can zoom in and adjust pricing information as they search.



Of course IDX Broker is WordPress-friendly.  Right out of the box you can use the IDX Broker WordPress plugin to setup searches, custom landing or community pages.  With dynamic page wrappers, when the content on your WordPress site changes, those changes are automatically reflected on your IDX Broker pages.



With over 50% of the internet traffic coming from mobile, the new mobile responsive formatting of IDX Broker Platinum is going to help you take care of your visitors.  With great forms, maps, and property pages, the new mobile features make it easy for visitors to find what they need and contact you from their mobile phone or tablet.


Office Listings

You can feature all your office listings so that you can showcase your office’s listings to visitors.  When you show your sellers that their properties are getting at the top of the search results, they are going to love it!

IDX Broker Platinum

We install IDX Broker Platinum to your existing real estate website.

IDX Broker WordPress

IDX Broker AgentPress

IDX Broker Mobile

IDX Broker Customizations

Get IDX Broker customizations here.