Speed for IDX Widgets and load times

Speedy IDX Widgets: Get more speed for free

IDX Addons – tools to get more out of IDX Broker We have had folks ask us over the years if IDX Broker has a feature to do this or that.  Sometimes these functions are built right into IDX Broker.  Sometimes they aren’t. We have made IDXAddons.com as a way to create what we consider the “missing” toolset or The Ultimate IDX Broker Toolset. These are tools like our Saved Link Generator, Premium IDX Templates like Sunny Social, and our soon to be released Premium IDX Widgets. All of these tools are available for free for all of RealtyCandy’s IDX […]

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Comparison of Sweet Home Real Estate Theme performance before and after Speedy IDX Widgets

Sweet Home theme with IDX Speedy Widgets is Smokin’ Home

  We are really excited about the free WordPress for real estate theme that we recently released called SweetHome. It is designed to be really easy to setup and we think that most people can watch the video the look over the setup guide and get the site setup in about 30 to 60 minutes. We are offering it to everyone for free. You just need to activate your account at https://app.leadercrm.com to get the free download. Hosting SweetHome with RealtyCandy You also have the option to host with us. When you do, we include 2 big free features: 1. […]

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