How do I log in to IDX Add-ons?

What is

IDX Addons is the dashboard where you can find all of our IDX Broker Templates, Addons, and SEO tools. All RealtyCandy clients have access to this dashboard. We created it, it is hosted on our servers and connects to our clients' IDX Broker accounts using their API key.

It is not the same thing as the IDX Broker dashboard, where users can change the configuration of their settings, create filters for widgets and saved links, and activate new templates on their site.

What is IDX

How do I log in to

To log in, you will need to copy and paste your API Key from IDX Broker.

First, log in to the IDX Broker dashboard and navigate to Home > Access Control. You should see a green box labeled as the “Account API”. Go ahead and click that box to copy the code to your clipboard.

Next, head over to and paste the API key, then click login.

From here, you should see all the Apps we have available for you to use, the PureIDX theme options if you host one of those sites with us, and the IDX Colors app to easily change colors on all of your IDX Broker pages when using our templates.

How can I get free apps for my IDX Broker account?

If you're a RealtyCandy client, you have access to IDXAddons already! If not, you can check out this page and follow the email instructions to have IDX Broker add RealtyCandy as your account developer and give you access to all of these tools for FREE.

Can I see some examples of useful IDXAddons apps?

Sure! We have tons of tutorials on our YouTube channel if you're looking for something specific. We also offer IDXAddons tours to all of our clients at RealyCandy. Here, you can go through with one of our team members virtually. We'll walk you through the setup for any apps or tools that interest you for your site.

Speedy Widgets

One of our most popular apps is called Speedy Widgets. This app both speeds up the load time for your listings widgets and allows you to apply custom styling using a variety of theme options. We're always expanding our options to include more themes, so check with our team if you have something particular in mind.

Google Map Widget
Enhanced Community Builder

I tried to log in, but it didn't work. How do I get access to

You need to have an active IDX Broker account to utilize our IDXAddons. Once you have that, you can choose two methods to get Premium access to

  1. Pay a yearly subscription cost when you sign up. ($399 per year)
  2. Add RealtyCandy as the developer partner on your IDX Broker account. (FREE)

When you make us your developer partners, your payments will continue as they are directly to IDX Broker. You will also remain in control of your website design changes, hosting, and everything else.

Having RealtyCandy as your developer partner means that we will be your first point of contact for anything related to IDX Broker. This helps in providing you with faster customer support. You will also have Premium access to ALL of all tools (templates, IDX Addons, and IDX Chat).

Contact us if you have any questions.