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IDX Broker Search Templates: Help your leads find their dream home faster

IDX Broker Search Page

IDX Broker offers 4 different search pages: Address, Advanced, Basic, and Listing ID search. You can edit the elements, customize the filter lists, and apply different templates to them to make your users' experience better.

Address: Search properties using only the street address.

Advanced: Search properties based on a vast array of customizable criteria.

Basic: Search properties using only standard information like property type and price.

Listing ID: Search properties using the listing ID as published by the MLS.

To add a search tool on your website pages that connects to IDX Broker, the best way is to use our Omnisearch Generator which allows you to customize a search bar with colors and fonts to make it totally integrated with your pages.

Templates forSearch Pages

Experience the power of customizable search filters with our RealtyCandy search page templates. Our search page templates are fully customizable, allowing you to design a search page that perfectly matches your brand's look and feel. Help your users find their dream property faster than ever with our advanced search page templates.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about IDX Broker or RealtyCandy services? Are you wondering how to use our IDX Addons? Have any questions about what we could do for your real estate site? You're not alone, but we have the answers.

Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive. Please contact us if you don't see your question here.

How do I get access to your IDX Broker Premium Templates?

To get any of our premium templates for your IDX pages, all you have to do is to make us your IDX Broker developer. This process is fast and FREE.

Just send an email to IDX Broker that says you’d like to use Realty Candy as your developer or sign up for your IDX Broker account using our sign-up form.

Your payments with IDX Broker will continue as they are, directly to IDX Broker. You will also have access to at no charge.

Contact us here if you have any questions about this process!

How can I display my logo on the IDX Broker loading screen?

You can go to and check the option to “Show Loading Screen For Searches” as well as the option to “Show Logo on Loading Screen”.

How do I add/change my IDX Broker logo?

You can set the logo at under “Client Logo URL”.

How do I add/change the Basic and Advanced Search Page fields?

To change the basic fields (the ones at the top) you go to and on the line of the page you want to edit, click on the Edit link under the Preferences column, then go to the “Search Setup” tab and there you can hide/show the fields you want and set the default values for any fields.

For the Advanced fields (the ones at the bottom), click on the Fields link under the Customize column. There, you select the property type you want to change the fields and then on the “View Settings” button. You will then see the fields below. There you can set the default values, change how the field will look, add new fields, remove and move any fields.

How can I change the colors of links, buttons and other items on IDX Broker pages?

Yes! If you are a Realty Candy partner, you can easily change colors using our templates. We created the IDX Colors for this purpose, this addon will change the colors of the menus, map pins, links, and button colors on the IDX pages, as well as fix some minor styles on all IDX pages.