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Your Naples Expert Weebly Site with IDX Broker
Get the most out of your IDX Broker on your Squarespace, Weebly and Wix website with RealtyCandy

Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix have grown very popular recently due to their simple and user-friendly setups. Basically, anyone without any knowledge of code or design experience can create and design their website on their own with great results.

Squarespace is a very popular website builder, equipped with beautiful templates, an easy to use interface and full of powerful functionalities.

Weebly is also a popular alternative for people who want to manage their website on their own, but also equipped with tons of great marketing and design tools.

Wix is a free website builder that counts with numerous templates and designs. It counts with a very advanced design editor, so their themes can be tweaked with great detail. It also has an AI that builds personalized websites for the users.

RealtyCandy offers IDX Broker setup for Squarespace and Weebly. You can have a real estate website easy to manage and design, powered by IDX Broker and our exclusive IDX add-ons, customizations, services and all the benefits you get by using RealtyCandy as your IDX developer.

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WIX Sites

Webb & Company

Webb and Company Realty is a real estate group in Leeds, AL. Katie contacted us interested in an IDX Broker setup for her new WIX website, which she designed on WIX's website builder. We did the setup with a solution we developed to overcome the challenges of integrating WIX with code snippets that are vital for the integration, and to create the IDX Broker side in the best way possible with the code that WIX generates. The result was a beautiful website that Katie can easily maintain on her own, which includes powerful IDX Broker widgets that she can easily change on her WIX dashboard like any other WIX module.

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Liz Nason Sarasota Real Estate

Liz Nason is a realtor from the Sarasota city. She built and designed a beautiful WIX website and wanted to integrate IDX Broker with it. We did the setup for her and created wrappers for her IDX Broker side, which made it look just like the WIX website she created. It can be very time consuming to work with WIX static code to add wrappers to the IDX Broker pages, but we managed to do it in about 1 business day. Now, Liz has a beautiful website that she can easily manage and maintain, and use to showcase her listings. She also has RealtyCandy's awesome Maxima Map for IDX Broker installed, which will help their clients navigate the listings she has available in the area.

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RockHill Real Estate Group
RockHill Real Estate Group Wix Real Estate Site with IDX Broker
RockHill Real Estate Group Wix Real Estate Site with IDX Broker

RockHill is a real estate group that sells homes in the Flint Hills area. The realtors choose the WIX platform to host their site, given the availability and convenience of the service. Their site is functional and simple, runs smoothly and was easy for the team to design and to currently maintain.

RealtyCandy integrated the Rockhill's site with IDX Broker, providing services for their listings and complex searches for the users. The IDX integration adds functionality and improves user experience on the site. With this, the group was able to set up a site with ease, while still showcasing great and powerful IDX tools for both the users and the business owners.

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Tri-Cities Life
Tri-Cities Life Squarespace and IDX Broker Website
Tri-Cities Life Squarespace and IDX Broker Website

Tri-Cities Life is a real estate group of brokers that sell properties on the Tri-Cities area. The group opted to use Squarespace for their site, since they wanted to setup and maintain the website without the need for any complex coding or programming. They designed a clean and modern site, using one of the beautiful Squarespace parallax templates.

The IDX setup was done by RealtyCandy, who integrated IDX on the site with IDX Broker, allowing their site to showcase listings and searches in a simple but powerful manner, giving their site an edge on the market with its rich functionality and tools.

The setup improves the website overall experience, complementing the modern and clean design of the site.

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G3 Land and Home
G3 Land and Home Squarespace Real Estate Site with IDX Broker Listings
G3 Land and Home Squarespace Real Estate Site with IDX Broker

G3 Land & Home is the website of Cindy and her Real Estate team. She wanted a website that was simple to use and to set up by herself, so she chose Squarespace for her site setup and Realty Candy as her IDX developer to provide IDX Solutions for her site.

We integrated her site with a functional IDX setup, helping her run the business and manage her website and listings while using simple and powerful services. She chose Squarespace as the platform since it's easy to learn and use, and provides ready-to-go layouts and designs, along with tools that help with the site's creation and management.

The IDX Broker setup done by RealtyCandy adds IDX functionality to her Squarespace site to improve her clients' experience when looking for homes. It features advanced searches and featured listings.

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Your Naples Expert Showcase
Your Naples Expert Weebly Site with IDX Broker
Your Naples Expert Weebly Site with IDX Broker

Your Naples Expert is the website of Reneé Hahn, who wanted a IDX Solution for Weebly that would provide a professional website for her business that she could easily manage.

Her website is clean, professional, simple and integrated with IDX Broker. She chose Weebly as her platform, given its simplicity and variety of tools that are easy to use and learn, but that at the same time provides powerful customizations.

The IDX Broker setup was done by RealtyCandy, featuring functionalities to launch her website for the real estate business, such as featured listings, customizations and advanced searches to improve the experience of her clients on the website.


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MaryLand Homes Team
Maryland Homes Team Real Estate Weebly Site with IDX Broker
Maryland Homes Team Real Estate Weebly Site - IDX Broker Search page

Robert & Maria McArtor are the owners of the Maryland Homes Team. They wanted a customizable website that they could easily maintain and learn how to use so they could take control over their website's content, design and maintenance. They wanted a IDX solution for their Weebly site that could be integrated and used by the users.

They also chose Weebly as their platform, hence the variety of customizations it offers and services that go beyond website building. RealtyCandy was chosen as the IDX developer and provided their site with a powerful setup, featuring advanced searches and IDX widgets.


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