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IDX Broker and WIX site for Alabama real estate office

Get all the MLS listings to your WIX real estate site

WIX sites are the rage for all kinds of businesses. Get IDX Broker and connect all the MLS listings to your WIX real estate website.

Webb and Company Real Estate in Leeds Alabama built out their own WIX website, but they wanted to have IDX Broker show all of the MLS listings on their site.

The folks at Webb and Company didn’t want to use WordPress for their site, and someone on their team was willing to build the new site on WIX.

When they contacted us and asked us if we could set up IDX Broker on their WIX site, we were excited to do it.  We have a package that includes the setup of the IDX to an existing WIX, Squarespace, or Weebly site for just $99.

IDX Broker on WIX site

Setting up IDX Broker to WIX

Once we got into it, we found that WIX adds a lot of custom code that doesn’t work very well for a real estate website trying to display all of the MLS listings using IDX Broker.

Our developers have made IDX Addons, LeaderCRM, and tools like Maxima Map search, so they were not going to be deterred by a little custom coding!

We found a workaround using some “secret sauce” which allows us to make the IDX Broker pages look like the rest of the WIX real estate site.

We were even able to connect our new Maxima Map Search for IDX Broker to their site here:

We added their featured listings and some property searches to their WIX site so that when their visitors arrive, they can get right to finding properties.

How long does it take to get WIX and IDX working?

Usually, the IDX can get set up within 2-3 business days.  When you use our link at IDX Broker will waive their $99 account processing fee. Then once we get your IDX Broker approval, and we get the login info for your WIX site, we can get IDX set up within about 1-2 business days.

We make the IDX pages match your WIX site, optimize the settings in IDX Broker, set the Maxima Map Search for IDX Broker, and add the search tool to your home page all for just $99. We do it within 1-2 business days.

Get the whole MLS on your WIX site today!

If you want to create a new website on WIX or you want a second or third site that is based on a particular area or niche market you serve, contact us today and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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