IDX Broker Customizations

Custom IDX Broker

Page Designs

From New York to Seattle, Miami to San Diego, and all the cities and states in between, our clients have enjoyed our Simply IDX Websites. That's because we also specialize in IDX Broker customizations for WordPress.

If you're interested in fast, quality development for your real estate website, take a look at these designs and layouts to get your creative juices flowing with new, imaginative ideas for your vision.

If you're looking for customizations on another platform, contact our Support team today to find out if we can help!

Custom IDX Broker

Search Widget

Above, you can see a couple of custom Results' page templates our clients asked for. Below, see an array of sites from some of our clients who asked for a custom Search tool.

Custom IDX Broker

Showcase Widgets

Undoubtedly, one of the reasons we love using IDX Broker on our client sites is that you get a quick-launch tool.  You can come up with a great design or layout for your IDX pages and have your site, your theme, and your MLS listings all put together in a matter of days, not months.

Look through some of these fabulous websites, and you will quickly see how our clients have taken the best of IDX and truly made a showcase unlike anything else. We also offer data graphs using IDX Addons and other tools to get the most out of IDX Broker and WordPress (including some that work for any platform).

Custom IDX Broker

Other Tools

From showcasing active listing counts for your cities to creating refinement tools, we help with all sorts of customization requests. If you take a look at some of our tools at, you'll see even more options to utilize IDX Broker to its full potential.

See below how we've helped some of our clients set up our tools and created new features for templates.