IDX Map Search Template
Zoom Compact

The IDX Map Search Template Zoom Compact is a user-friendly map search template that allows users to search for properties in a specific area. The compact design allows for easy navigation and zooming in and out of the map view. Perfect for MLS that provides small listing images.

Zoom Compact Map Search

Why choose this template?

Designed with ease of use in mind, the Zoom Compact template offers a clean and modern design that allows users to quickly find the properties they are looking for. With its user-friendly interface and advanced search capabilities, this template provides a powerful tool for real estate agents and brokers to showcase their property listings.

What sets the Zoom Compact template apart is its ability to display multiple properties on a single map, which makes it easy for users to compare and contrast different properties in the same geographic area. The template also offers a range of filters to help users narrow down their search results, including price, property type, and features.

Included in this Template

IDXAddons Colors

Easily style your IDX Pages colors.

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Google Maps

Change the IDX Broker map to Google Maps.
Requires a Google Maps API Key.

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How do I add/change my IDX Broker logo?

You can set the logo at under “Client Logo URL”.

Can I have Google Maps on my IDX Broker pages

Yes! We created an addon for you to be able to have Google Maps on your IDX Broker pages. To activate it you just need to go to API Keys and enter a valid Google Maps API Key. Then go to the IDX Maps to Google Maps addon and just click on Activate.


There you can also select the theme you want to use from a large variety of options:

How can I change the colors of links, buttons and other items on IDX Broker pages?

Yes! If you are a Realty Candy partner, you can easily change colors using our templates. We created the IDX Colors for this purpose, this addon will change the colors of the menus, map pins, links, and button colors on the IDX pages, as well as fix some minor styles on all IDX pages.