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Mobile Site differences

Mobile Site differences

Mobile real estate website can mean the difference between success and failure.  At RealtyCandy, we will build your mobile real estate website that will make it easy for clients to find your business and property listings easily.  This will help in converting your leads to sales and give your clients an unforgettable mobile experience.

You may not have the expertise to design a quality mobile real estate website, let the experts at RealtyCandy can do it for you so that you can focus on your real estate business.


  • Up to 10 pages
  •  No work to be done by you
  • Automatic syncing w/ your regular site
  • Includes all IDX Broker Platinum Features
  • Maximum of two revisions with RealtyCandy designers
  •  Help redirecting clients to your new Mobile Real Estate Website
  •  Help with setting up your custom domain
  • Free analytics tracking
  • SMS business info
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Safe, Secure Hosting
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

All you have to do is:

  • purchase this great new package for $299 for setup
  • The team at RealtyCandy will contact you
  • Your custom site will be designed and is ready for use
  • $12 per month for hosting and everything

Mobile Real Estate Websites in just a few days!

Mobile Real Estate Website Setup

Why Should You Get a Mobile Real Estate Website?

Reach More Customers

In a mobile world you can’t compete if you yourself aren’t mobile.  When looking for available properties, the use of mobile devices is gradually increasing.  Moreover, Smartphone use is anticipated to increase over desktop use by 2014.  This therefore means that with a mobile real estate website, you will be staying ahead of the curve as you broaden your client base.

Greater Customer Experience

One of the biggest mistakes made by most websites is that they are not compatible with mobile devices.  With RealtyCandy, our expert team will easily build your custom mobile real estate website specially optimised for Smartphones and mobile devices.  This will help to increase the overall experience of clients visiting your site.

Set the Trend

Amazingly, studies show that less than 2% of all business websites are viewable on mobile devices, yet over 20% of all Google searches are performed on mobile devices.  Start the trend and set the standard by attracting more clients with your professionally designed mobile real estate website.

Why Use the RealtyCandy Mobile Real Estate Website App?

RealtyCandy, specializes in mobile real estate websites.

As a developer partner of IDX Broker RealtyCandy can help you with everything from a standard install to creating custom CSS, Landing and Showcase pages, Widgets and Slideshows.  Another major benefit is that it has the ability to help you leverage the IDX Broker Mobile App from IDX Broker “Classic” and the new HTML5 mobile ready IDX for iPad and tablets.

Mobile Real Estate Website Setup

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