What is IDX and why do I need IDX on my website?

In a nutshell, IDX is the displaying of ALL the MLS listings on your website.

As a Realtor, you are a member of the MLS or your broker is a member of the MLS.  You and every other real estate company in town upload all of your listings to the MLS and share that information together.  IDX is just a fancy term for "showing MLS listings on a website"

Why do you need IDX?  Maybe you don't.

If you have visitors to your website, you need something compelling to get them to contact you. You want a phone number or an email address.  IDX is a good tool for this, because you are expecting your visitors to come to your site and find a great property and call you or email you about it.

What if you are a great community leader and involved in lots of activities in your community? What if you are in a small town and everyone already views you as THE authority on real estate?  Then maybe you don't need IDX.  You are getting leads through other sources and you may not even need a website.

I got this from Vicki in Massachusetts:

Ok, I do feel I need a website. I know my clients expect it and having to direct a client to Realtor.com to do a search or set them up to receive emails from our local MLS is just not who I want to be. I want them to be able to do searches of course but I would also like to promote our community and ways people can get involved.

She has the vision.

What is IDX NOT going to do for you?

IDX Broker, or Diverse Solutions, or any other custom IDX solution will NOT bring in tons of leads.  We have people contact us every week asking what we can do to get them leads.  They have IDX Broker and a killer WordPress real estate website, and they aren't getting leads.  They aren't even ranking well on Google.

If it were that easy, then hundreds of thousands of real estate agents would be getting tons of leads.  Everyone has the same listings.  That means that if I am an agent in Ft. Lauderdale Florida and I sign up today for IDX Broker, then in a week, I would have the same listings on my site that almost every other agent in Fort Lauderdale has.

That won't get me traffic, leads, or business.

What I have to do is provide meaningful, original, timely, content about my market, my community, my cat, or whatever my prospective clients are interested in.  As they keep coming back to my site, they may want to look at a home.  If I have IDX on my site, they can search on my site.  If I don't then something else has to happen.

If you want IDX Broker for your personal real estate website or for your office website, click on the blue box in the top right corner of this page.

If you think we can help you get more results out of your IDX Broker install, or your real estate website, just contact us below!


  • Price
  •  signup fee Included
  • SEO Features
  • Custom Subdomain
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Agent or Office
  • Days to Install
  • HTML Custom Search Box
  • Custom CSS Coding
  •  custom HTML coding
  • Custom Javascript Coding
IDX Broker Standard
  • $199
  • 3
  • -
  • -
  • -

Delicious IDX
  • $499
  • 5-10
  • -
  • -

Super Sweet IDX
  • $999
  • 10-20

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