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How Swartz Brothers Real Estate Utilizes Simply IDX

Swartz Brothers Real Estate’s team has been in the business for a total of 140+ years across their staff, dedicating the time and energy to their work in the real estate business that it takes to become great. Their dedication shows in their stylish, smart choices for their website. Using Simply IDX for WordPress helps them be one of the best websites for Minnesota real estate, and here’s how:


Home Page Features

Swartz Brothers’ homepage features a slider tailored with images that represent the kinds of places they sell, appraise, and manage. This prompts interest from clients attracted to the look of those properties. It also utilizes four of the five possible menu items to link to other pages that come included in Simply IDX, and a search bar right in the center of the page that someone unfamiliar with complex sites could navigate with ease.


Simple Setup

Simply IDX is also one of the top new themes for WordPress with IDX Broker because of its included widget options and customization. Swartz Brothers’ website takes advantage of all of these features and more with their modern design.

Plus, with Simply IDX, everything can be done from a front end view, allowing for easy initial setup to save you several hours of site development. Widgets include IDX Broker integration so you know your site will have full functionality.


Stay Stylish

Simply IDX is also a great choice for those looking to have a functional mobile website. Even on different screen sizes, the site is responsive and works great. Swartz Brothers Real Estate loses none of their content when switching from a standard browser to mobile, and doesn’t create overlap like so many other sites unprepared for mobile traffic.

Clients can browse from anywhere, and that includes when they’re already out looking for listings, giving them an instant edge over the competition.

Want an edge of your own? Download Simply IDX here.