Get to know SmartHome our new free WordPress for real estate theme

We are presenting now our second free WordPress for real estate theme that we released, it’s called SmartHome. It is designed to be modern, clean and fully customized. It is really easy and intuitive to setup. You will have your website fully customized in about 30 to 60 minutes.

We are offering it to everyone for free. Download the theme here.

You can also download it on LeaderCRM. You just need to activate your account at to get the free download.

You can see a Demo here

Quick & Easy Setup

Our goal when building SmartHome was to make a beautiful and fully customized theme, where the you can intuitively and visually customize everything through the Customizer in a easy and quick way without having a developer making it for you.

We prioritized while developing SmartHome theme, that it was an website where the Realtors could make a personalized website without contracting a developer or loosing hours trying to make it look presentable.

(Build a real estate website in less than 30 minutes using the SmartHome theme, then share it with us, and we will post a link to it on our portfolio page. )

Optimized for IDX Broker

We have some clients that bought realty websites that had gorgeous design but when applied to IDX Broker the listings widgets looked not styled and that made them very disappointed. IDX Broker was built to be compatible with any WordPress theme but the IDX Broker widgets and IDX pages have no style by default and have to be manually styled.

Thinking on these Realtors clients we have built SmartHome real estate theme, it comes with all the necessary code within it, making the IDX Broker widgets look great just like our demo. The IDX pages also will be styled and ready to use.

A Lot Of Possibilities

You can choose for your hero area a Video, Revolution Slider, Image or none without any advanced WordPress knowledge. The Revolution Slider allows you to create video background, mixed video and Images slideshows with effects and is a highly documented plugin with lots of video tutorials.