What services/products does Realty Candy provide?

We offer integrations for IDX Broker and existing websites called IDX Connect. If you have a website already that you want to integrate with IDX Broker, this is the service you’re looking for.

PureIDX sites designed for IDX Broker: available for all of our clients on https://idxaddons.com/

We also offer Simply IDX sites, where you can select the design you like, let us set it up for you, and integrate your IDX Broker account. Then, all you have to do is add your content. You can see more info about our Simply IDX sites here.

We have a WordPress Hosting service, included with the Simply IDX sign-up package. Our hosting includes Daily Backups, Security Scans, WordPress Updates, Weekly Theme, and Plugins Updates, RealtyCandy Support, SSL Security certificates, 10 GB of Storage, 25,000 Monthly visitors, Administrator Access, and more! (If you prefer to host your site elsewhere and still sign up with us for Simply IDX, that is also an option.)

We also do IDX Broker Customizations, so you can have unique tools for your website that take full advantage of what IDX Broker has to offer.

We also offer our “free apps”, such as:

  • IDX Addons: this is a website we made for our clients to get more out of IDX Broker with our tools like Speedy IDX Widgets, Text Alerts, Returning Visitor Alerts, Nearby Listings, Data Graphs, Mailchimp Integration, and more!
  • Our Premium IDX Templates for IDX Broker pages: use RealtyCandy as your IDX Broker developer to get access to all our templates for FREE.

You can read up on what we offer here.