What is PureIDX?

PureIDX is a cloud-based website that we offer for all of our clients with a simple setup. You pay only $99/year to have one of these sites, with the option of a FREE DIY setup, or a customized setup from our team for only another $200. This means you can have a fully functional site with IDX integrated for only $299 total.

It is a totally mobile-responsive real estate website designed to work exclusively with IDX Broker. It has 6 templates available (as of Nov 2022) with limited customizations on the layouts, but hosting is only $99 per year for life.

You can check examples of websites build using PureIDX on our PureIDX Portfolio page.

There are tons of new features being added for these sites constantly, since we created them to be used with our addons. If you have any questions about these sites, please contact our team.