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and save money!

At RealtyCandy, we get a lot of requests for custom site work, so we’ve decided to bundle some of our most popular customizations to offer our clients better service.

IDX Community Pages
with Filters

Get 10 IDX Broker community pages with filters on the side for only $299.

This bundle includes 10 Saved links with a title with an image background, a description, the results, and a filter sidebar.

We will just need you to provide the photos for each page and the text that you want to be added.

Our talented team of developers will take that and turn it into 10 beautiful and SEO-Rich community pages within 2 business days.

This package works great for WIX, SquareSpace, PureIDX, WordPress, and any other platform!

WordPress Community
Pages with Filters

Many of our WordPress clients like having custom community pages. For $499, we can make 10 community pages for your site.

This package includes 10 community pages with a title with an image background, a description with a data chart, a widget, and a sidebar showcasing the list of communities and filters.

When you provide us with the images and texts for the pages, our developers will transform them into 10 SEO-Rich community pages within 3 business days.

If you sign up for our Data Graph pack with 30 data graphs for $29 per month, we can also include the setup of the Data Graphs.

With additional communities at only $50 a piece, you can price out exactly how much you’re spending on this section of your site, and guarantee these pages are functional and stylish without any extra fees or estimates needed.

Interactive Map

For those clients that prefer to have a more visual representation of their communities, we’re also offering a Map package.

For $499, you can have an interactive community map like these:

All you need to do to get started is find or create the image you want to use for your interactive map, send it over to us, and let us know the different areas you want to be clickable.

Included, we also will configure up to ten 10 saved searches as the area links for the maps, you only need to send us the search parameters and we’ll take care of the rest!

This package includes a clickable map with 10 saved search pages for your communities. The community pages will show the community name as a title, a map (optional), and the community properties (styled as your IDX Results pages).

When you provide us the images and texts for the pages, our developers will complete the pages within 3 business days.


Do you want to work with us but don't want the pre-made bundles we offer?

No problem! We can send you an estimate for the work you want to be done and you hire us paying per hour.

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