Support, Customizations and Coaching for IDX Broker and Real Estate WordPress

We have folks who contact us and want to have us give them tech support.

  • Some want to email us questions and get answers.
  • Some want to call and ask questions to a real person and get real answers in English.
  • Some want advice on how to setup a site, what tools to use, and how to integrate IDX Broker or mobile responsive.
  • Some want us to just go in and fix a broken WordPress install, setup security or SEO features.
  • Some want us to trick out their IDX Broker install with cool search boxes and sharp looking design.
  • Some want us to share secrets about great blogging and building a site with good traffic.

If you want help in any of these areas, we have a solution.

For $100 an hour, you have your own IDX Broker AgentPress WordPress person at hand. We include phone calls, emails, and development work in that time.

You can purchase a block of time that works best for you below: