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Social Sunny Premium IDX Template

Premium IDX Templates

IDX Broker recently released a great new feature to all their developer partners with the Custom Template feature.

This custom templating feature allows IDX developer partners like RealtyCandy to create custom layouts and templates that are available for the needs of a specific client or designs that can be used by all our clients.

We are building out a series of these and we are offering them at no charge to all our IDX Broker clients as "Premium IDX Templates".

Social IDX Features

In addition to great layouts and designs, we are able to actually build some custom code into these templates.

You know that the secret to getting better rankings on Google and getting more SEO is to keep people on your site longer and have them look at more of your pages.

This is where our Social IDX feature comes in.

You get two sections at the bottom of the page:

  1. Recently Viewed Listings
  2. Most Popular Listings

The Recently Viewed Listings shows the last 5 properties that your IDX Broker visitor looked at.  This gives them the option to quickly click back and compare one home with another they were just looking at a few minutes ago.

The Most Popular Listings displays the 5 most viewed listings by all your site visitors over the last week.  Popular Listings allows your visitors to see what other people are looking at and see what are the hottest listings in your market.

Both of these together are fantastic for keeping visitors clicking on properties on your website.

With some CSS you can move them around to different areas on the page and display the Social IDX in a different layout that matches your design.

Premium IDXBRoker Template Social Sunny

WIX, SquareSpace, Weebly, or WordPress

While some IDX Broker features are only available as WordPress plugins, all of our IDXAddons at and these designs work on any platform.

That gives you the flexibility to choose SquareSpace, WIX, Weebly, Ghost, GoDaddy website builder, WordPress, or practically any web platform you can imagine and these designs will work for you.

Customizations, Speed, and Savings

We are shifting our business model from doing a lot of customizations and building custom websites that can cost thousands of dollars to a "freemium" business model.

We can still do IDX Broker customizations that you need to do, but we believe that by using our Premium IDX Templates and other IDX Addons, most real estate agents can get a great design at an affordable price.

Instead of waiting a week or two for us to code a custom IDX layout page, you can click on a page like in the video below, and in less than 2 minutes you can have a great-looking website with a custom design.

We figure that most of our clients will save about $500 in IDX Broker customizations by using one of our Premium IDX Templates.


Get your Social Sunny Templates Today

Ok, for the $26,000 question:

How much do these Premium IDX Templates cost? and how do I get them?

Like we have mentioned, they are completely free if you use RealtyCandy as your IDX Broker developer.

If you don't have an IDX Broker account yet, you can go to and sign up.  When you use our link, IDX Broker will waive their $99 account creation fee.

If you do have an IDX Broker account already, then you can contact us or them about how to use RealtyCandy.  It is fast and free.  They will typically make that change for you within one business day, and you will immediately have access to our Premium IDX Templates and everything at

IDX Broker gives us credit for providing you with first-tier IDX Broker support and all of these great tools and templates.

Get started today!