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Premium IDX Template: Agent Roster Pages

At RealtyCandy, we have Premium IDX Templates that we provide free of charge to all of our clients. These templates, when activated, alter the layout of their respective pages to make them more user-friendly. One of the templates we’ve added recently is for Agent Roster Pages. 

Like all of our Premium IDX Templates, it changes the layout of the page, making it easier to read and more attractive on all devices. Our templates include mobile functionality and the layout shifts to fit any size screen while maintaining the integrity of the website’s design.

A great example is, who (thanks to this template) have an agent page that is both clean and functional. Check out their desktop page below with their chosen design, the square agent photos, and the alternate option of round agent photos, as well.


Cowan Realtors

With this completely free template, you can show more of your agents, and more information about your agents, on one page in a more attractive way by taking full advantage of its features. This includes the choice between round and square agent pictures, and complete mobile accessibility, changing the layout to fit alternate devices’ screen sizes. 

Cowan Realtors chose to also edit their agent’s pictures so the background blends in with the agent roster page, and you can hardly see where the square photo ends and the rest of the site begins, offering a more seamless user experience and a higher chance users will continue to browse and follow more links within your site.

Moss Realty features similar template choices to Cowan Realtors, with both ultimately choosing the square design for their agents, but because their style choices are so different, it in no way feels like the same website. Instead of the white and red, they use yellow and green, the perfect colors for their name.


Moss Realty

They had their agents take pictures with solid backgrounds to have a certain amount of natural uniformity without doing the additional editing to make them exact, so they still look professional but they also inject a dose of personality into their site, making users feel like they’re real people behind the web pages.

An agent roster page can go from disorganized and cluttered to simplistic and professional without ever changing the information, improving your SEO just by activating our template for your preexisting roster page.

Because the content on the pages is already being loaded through your IDX Broker data, the templates can then take that data and organize it in other ways, fixing issues that might make your site look unprofessional without accidentally changing or deleting vital information.


Mobile Functionality

Above, Cowan Realtors with square photos and the small image mobile view on the left, and Moss Realty with round photos and the small image mobile view on the right.

Below are both sites with square photos and a large image mobile view (cropped at the bottom after a few agents, to shorten the screenshots). Notice, in both view types, all information remains visible, and the screen isn’t crowded with bad formatting and overlapping space like many websites when switched over to a mobile view option. More than 50% of all global web traffic is mobile, so it’s more important than ever to have complete functionality for mobile devices. Fortunately, the natural switch between view types for different screen sizes gives users a much more uniform experience across all devices.

If you haven’t tried, test your site out on your own smartphone. Are all of your IDX pages still formatted in the layout they have on your computer? If not, this Agent Roster Page, plus our other Premium IDX Templates, are definitely a useful resource you can and should tap into.


If you feel these layout changes would improve your site as well, you can activate the Agent Roster Pages template now by going to and logging in using your Account ID and API Key.

After logging in, click on the “Templates” tab on the left sidebar, then scroll down to “Agent Roster Pages”. Plus, is also where you can find our other Premium IDX Templates!

If you’d still like more information and want to see this template in action, here’s our tutorial: