Data Graphs Widget Addon

Show the statistics and data about a community

McGee Realty Services Data Graphs Widget

Why should you use the Data Graphs Widget addon?

This tool allows you to feature your communities on any page, with a stylish and uncomplicated approach. Plus, these tools are proven to increase the time clients spend on your site, and their chances of browsing through multiple pages, improving your overall SEO!

The Community Data Graphs widgets look attractive and boast the ability to show accurate listing information for any community or city. Our clients love to use these on their sites to add a little pizza chart to a page, while showcasing their knowledge as an established resource for information in their market.

With the free version, you can create up to 3 widgets. With Data Graph Widget Pro, you will be able to create up to 30 graphs for $29/month or 100 graphs for $79/month.

No more boring Communities pages!

The Data Graph widget displays the community information, showcasing the details of those communities in an easy-to-understand graph.

More options for more detailed info.

We have updated the Data Graph widget so that you can customize your graphs more. Check it out to see how easy it is!

Add more complex info easily  with the Data Graph Widget.

Show the statistics and data about a community or area in a beautiful, engaging format to all your visitors.

What would look like a boring paragraph of information, is instead capable of attracting attention by putting the data in this aesthetically pleasing chart.

Albuquerque Real Estate Data Graphs Widget

Increase the value of the information you add to your communities or neighborhood pages with up-to-date info from listings. Use it together with our Counts widget and increase even more the SEO of your pages.

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