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Showcase and Filter your Office's Agents

Anchor & Bloom Realty Agents Carousel Widget

Why should you use the Agents Carousel addon?

Our Agent Carousel is one of our newest IDXAddons for IDX Broker Office Accounts. You can add as many carousels as you like for free with this tool we created for our clients.

If you have community pages, with this addon you can show your agents filtered by city, state, or zip using the built-in filter.

Unlike the Roster page, you can also insert Social Media links for each realtor with our Agents Carousel tool.

Your agents will get the spotlight they deserve

Add a carousel to any page you want and give more credibility to your website by showing who your team is.

Highlight your team

You can also add social media links to each agent to help your leads develop trust in your office.

If you have a big team, you can even separate your users by regions and display them on different pages to lead your clients to the correct agents without having to search for them.

Southern Classic Realtors Agents Carousel Widget

Easy and fast to setup

This widget is really intuitive to set up, and you can have as many carousels you want on your website.

You can also use this tool on any website platform, such as Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, etc.

How do I use the Agents Carousel Widget on my website?

1. Login to IDX Addons

First, you need to log in to with your IDX Broker API key.

Then you click on Apps and search for “Agent” or click on the “Agents Carousel” option under the Apps sidebar.

2. Fill the social media of the agents

You will see a list of your agents on this app page. To add the social media links for each agent, click on the button Add.

A popup will show with all supported social media. Fill the form with the corresponding information and click on “Update Social Media”.

Once you finish, you'll see the agent's social media links on their profiles.

3. Filter the agents by State, City or ZIP Code

If you want to filter the agents per location, you can use this filter. This step is optional.

To filter the agents by region, first select the option that will be applied. The filter options are state, city, and ZIP code.

After selecting this option, another dropdown will show below with values based on the previously selected option.

The information from these options are taken from the IDX Broker Agents page. So, if you don't see the state, city, or ZIP code you want, be sure to check if your agents' information is updated on the IDX Broker panel.

4. Additional options

Next, you can add a title to your Agents Carousel. For example, “Meet our Team” or “Florida Agents”. The header will appear above the carousel.

Then, you can select the color you want to be used in the previous/next buttons and on the carousel dots.

Lastly, you can check the “Avoid Cache Usage” option. We usually don't recommend using this option because it can affect the performance of your carousel, making it load slowly. But if you don't see your changes and have few agents, you can enable this option. We cache agent information for 1 hour, so if you don't check this option, you would need to wait the hour to get the latest information from agents (changes on name, title, or address).

5. Copy and Paste the code

Click on the "Copy Code" button and the script will be automatically copied to your clipboard.

If you didn't select any filter, a warning will show, saying all of your agents will be displayed in the carousel.

You can now paste this code where you want the widget to display on your website.

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