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IDX Broker Platinum Release with New Features

IDXbroker for iPadSome of you have heard through the grapevine that IDX broker Platinum is to be released on May 4th.  This is a new IDXbroker upgrade that will bring a ton of new features to your real estate website.

As a Developer Partner of IDX broker.  We have been involved in the beta testing and we are very excited about this.
While  development costs have been significant, we will ignore those costs and simply offer IDX Broker Platinum at the same amazing price of $39.99 a month!
New features and details will be posted to on May 4th.
A few questions, and some answers:

Q: I have an account on the current version. Should I migrate right away?
A: We don’t encourage those with existing accounts to migrate right away. While we expect to have most datasets live in May, there is a lot more to a “migration”. Over the next couple months we will focus on building tools that migrate lead details, including saved searches. If you don’t have a lot of custom links or saved searches, and are not concerned about migrating those, you are welcome to signup. Note that if you do migrate right away, we will need to deactivate your IDX Broker Original account unless you wish to continue to pay the additional $39.99 monthly.

Q: Will you launch with a demo site?
A: Yes, our demo site will be available upon request after May 4th.

Q: What kind of support will I receive with the new version?
A: Expect the same excellent level of Support. In addition, we will launch with a new ticketing system. We will incorporate this ticketing system into your new Control Panel this June.

Q: Will you feature sold data?
A: Yes. Your sold data will be available as a separate link (for MLSs that supply that data).

Q: Will all of my pages work for any mobile device?
A: Yes. All mobile pages display the functionality of a full App, but without the friction of an App (having to download, enter and App code, etc). Users visit your site, hit a search link, and are taken to an HTML version of the mobile app. On any mobile device. In addition, lead capture tools are built-in. Leads acquired via the App will show up in your control panel (except phone calls).

Q: Do you service my market yet?
A: If we don’t, we will probably have it by the time your MLS approves you for display. We will be adding many datasets per day in the coming days and weeks, in addition to the datasets already live in the system now.

Q: Will the product be similar to what is offered by IDX Broker now?
A: Yes, many of the most popular original IDX Broker features will exist in IDX Broker Platinum.

If you want us to install “IDX Broker Platinum” to your site, take advantage of our offer.

We will setup your site, match the look and coding of your site to your IDX feed (like, and setup all the SEO features for you for just $99. (Signup during May and we will include the install of a FREE Agentpress site like for you too!)

Or go to to signup today and put “IDXbroker Platinum” in the comments box.


  1. Israel Gutierrez on May 7, 2012 at 3:53 pm

    Any word on IDXbroker Platinum?

    • admin on May 7, 2012 at 5:24 pm


      We are just barely doing our IDX broker platinum BETA testing. I have just started roughing out a demo based on one of our current users sites. I have only had it live for about 5 minutes. You can check it out at .

      Be sure to check it out on your mobile device. It looks very nice!

      We will work on it more tomorrow. Thanks for asking!