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IDX Broker Platinum Now Available Setup Included

We are super excited about the public launch of IDX Broker Platinum on June 10th.

We have been Developer Partners with IDX Broker since the very beginning of the IDX Broker Platinum Beta.  We have had the opportunity to install IDX Broker Platinum on many WordPress sites for our clients.

We have even created a group of luxury real estate WordPress themes that are ready for IDX Broker.

Check out the short list of features that we really like:

  • Shortcodes for WordPress
  • Custom Page Headers
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Assign searches to particular agents in IDX Broker for Office
  • Dynamic Wrapper for WordPress
  • Widgets for Searches, Landing Pages, Community Pages, and more
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Routing contacts in IDX Broker for Office
  • Widget Builder

Signup for IDX Broker here

Signup for IDX Broker

We just released our new IDX Broker Quick install for only $99 and we waive the IDX Broker signup fee ($99) for you.

Get signed up and we will have IDX on your site within 1 business day of getting IDX Broker authorization for your account.

Click here to see more information about IDX Broker Platinum Quick Install