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Geolocation Widget: Stand Out and Attract More Leads

The Geolocation Widget is a powerful tool specifically designed to enhance your real estate website and captivate potential leads.

In this blog post, we’re going to explore the amazing things that the Geolocation Widget designed by RealtyCandy can do and how it can help you and your real estate website stand out from the crowd.

How does the Geolocation Widget improve user experience on a real estate website?

The Geolocation Widget is like having a special compass that guides you straight to your dream home. When you visit a real estate website that uses this amazing tool, it asks for your permission to know your location. Once you give it the go-ahead, it works its magic and shows you houses for sale that are right where you are. This means you don’t have to waste time searching through properties that are too far away or in the wrong areas.

Using the Geolocation Widget has many benefits for potential leads. First, it saves them precious time and energy. Instead of manually entering your location or choosing from a long list of areas, the widget does all the hard work for your leads. It quickly finds properties that are close to where you are, making your search more efficient. 

Second, it helps your leads explore houses in their desired neighborhood or nearby areas. You can easily discover new options without missing out on the ones that are just around the corner. 

With the Geolocation Widget, you can focus on finding the perfect home that suits your preferences and is conveniently located.

How does the Geolocation Widget help leads find the perfect home?

The Geolocation Widget is not just about showing you houses near your location; it also helps you find the ones that match your specific preferences. 

When you use the widget, you can filter properties by distance. This means you can decide how far or close you want the properties to be from where you are. Whether you’re looking for a home in a particular neighborhood or exploring options within a certain radius, the Geolocation Widget puts you in control. 

In addition to filtering properties by distance, the Geolocation Widget offers sorting options that make your search even easier. You can sort the listings based on different factors, such as price, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, and listing date. This means you can prioritize what matters most to you.

What happens if leads don’t grant access to their location?

Sometimes, leads may choose not to grant access to their location. That’s okay because the Geolocation Widget has a fallback option that ensures they still have a fantastic property search experience. Instead of showing properties based on their precise location, the fallback widget offers alternative options. 

While it may take a bit more effort compared to the automatic location detection, the Fallback Widget ensures that leads can still explore and discover homes that match their preferences.

The fallback widget is designed to be user-friendly, we have a blog post that gives you all the details about the fallback widget, check it out here: Never Miss a Lead: Fallback Widget 

Easy Installation: Set Up the Geolocation Widget in Minutes

Setting up the Geolocation Widget on your real estate website is a quick and straightforward process. You don’t need to worry about complicated technical steps or coding knowledge. 

The Geolocation Widget, along with our other real estate tools and widgets at IDX Addons are designed to integrate with various website platforms. Whether you’re using WordPress, WIX, Duda, Squarespace, or any other popular website platform, you can rest assured that our widgets are compatible. 

Just follow these simple instructions to get the widget up and running in no time: Step by Step Tutorial 

We also have a YouTube video that explains in detail how this widget works, check it out!

Looking to Get the Geolocation Widget? 

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