How to customize my IDX Broker Metadata?

By default, the meta descriptions on IDX Broker pages can get pretty long. The meta title and description for your Details pages can be edited in your IDX Broker account dashboard to better fit your market area and SEO needs.

To find those settings, first navigate to Design > Pages, and scroll until you see the page you want to edit.

The SEO settings option is available for almost all IDX Broker pages, including the search pages (address, advanced, basic, email update signup, listing id, map search), the results pages (featured, sold/pending listings and saved links), and the details pages, as well as the link showcase, mortgage, photo gallery contact home valuation, roster, market reports, and so on.

Then click the “Edit” button under the preferences' column. The page should look similar to the screenshot.

Example of Details page SEO Settings options

To place dynamic attributes (values that change according to the page you are in), you can enter the variable surrounded by double curly brackets, like this {{variable}}. Here is a list of variables you can use:

  • Listing ID - {{listingID}}
  • Address - {{address}}
  • City - {{cityName}}
  • State - {{state}}
  • State Abbreviated - {{stateAbrv}}
  • Zipcode - {{zipcode}}
  • County - {{countyName}}
  • Price - {{listingPrice}}
  • IDX Property Type - {{idxPropType}}
  • Property Type - {{propType}}
  • Property Sub Type - {{propSubType}}
  • Display Name - {{displayName}}
  • Listing Description - {{remarksConcat}}