Duda IDX websites

Duda is a website building platform that is not very well known, but widely used by digital agencies and freelancers. It can also be used by anyone with no programming knowledge. Because it is quick and easy to create complete websites that are secure and easy to maintain, many realtors have chosen Duda as their website builder. With Duda you can use our Addons and have a fast and SEO-ready website.

We've recently worked on a few real estate Duda sites, taking care of their IDX Broker integration. Checkout how our clients' modern designs from Duda perfectly incorporate with IDX Broker.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed seeing what a handful of our clients have done with IDX Broker and Duda.

If you're interested in adding IDX to your Duda site, sign up for our one-time $79 fee. For this, you need to have an IDX Broker account and be a Realty Candy client. If you don't have an IDX Broker account yet, signup here and the $99 account setup fee will be waived when you use our link: https://signup.idxbroker.com/d/realtycandy

If you have an IDX Broker account, but you're not our client yet, just email developers@idxbroker.com that says “I want to become a Realty Candy client”.

After this, you're ready to sign up for the $79 IDX Connect integration! Learn more about IDX Connect