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Mobile Leads tool for IDX Broker

We are really excited about our new Mobile Leads tool for IDX Broker.  This tool works for all IDX Broker Platinum and Lite users.  We are providing it completely FREE for all of our IDXBroker clients.

This is not a full-blown CRM or Customer Relationship Management program like LeaderCRM or TopProducer, but it is quick, light and simple to use. The purpose is to keep you in touch with your IDX leads and have a quick and easy way to contact them.

This little beauty is in “beta”, which means we still have some work to do on it, but use it and enjoy it as we update and add features.

 Signup now at

Below, I will share with you some of the features we are working on adding. Here is a quick video (about 5 minutes, so maybe not THAT quick) to show you what the features are.

Signup to Activate Mobile Leads

The signup is really fast and easy.  You will just need

The key is a big number/letters thing that looks like this:

IDX Broker API key idxbroker

You enter in these 4 pieces of information and you are signed up.  Signup now at

Now just login to get going.

Review all of your Leads

All of your clients are in order from the newest to the oldest so you can see who are the freshest leads and the ones who need the quickest follow up.

Mobile Leads IDX Broker Client List

There is a nice little screen for each client:

Mobile Leads IDX Broker Lead

You can review each client’s contact information:

Mobile Leads IDX Broker contact information

You can email or add a new contact from the email address:

Mobile Leads IDX Broker email

You can send a TXT message, or make a phone call or add a new contact directly from the phone number link:

Mobile Leads IDX Broker phone number

You can review the pages that the client has looked at:

Mobile Leads IDX Broker viewed pages

You can also review the saved properties and saved searches that your client has saved:

Mobile Leads IDX Broker saved properties

You can also review the notes that the IDX Broker system has about your client:

Mobile Leads IDX Broker notes

I think my favorite part is the contact information part.  You can easily TXT or email a contact and start a conversation with them.

You can also add that client to your contacts on your iPhone really easily.

Coming Features

This is a “beta” product that we want to allow our users to start using.  We are working on new features and fixes for it. Here is a short list:

  • Update styling, signup, login and titles
  • Integrate with our TXT alerts tool
  • Make a version that works for multiple agents and offices.
  • Make a version that does drip emails by setting categories for Smart Sites
  • Make version that allows agent to update the lead information.
  • Make version integrate to LeaderCRM.

If you have a feature that you think we should have just let us know below:

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