IDX Broker Auto Saved Search Generator

We have a lot of clients who have spent a ton of time making a lot of saved links or saved searches using the IDX Broker admin panel. (Paul and Chris, I am looking at you!)

We have a new tool that anyone can use to create hundreds or thousands of saved searches for their real estate website without ever leaving the comfort of the WordPress dashboard.

Presenting the IDX Broker Saved Search Generator...

You just add the criteria you want. Like 5 cities and prices between 100,000 and 1 million dollars in increments of 100,000 and you will get 50 searches created in no time flat.

You can create them based on advanced search criteria or almost anything you want. Bedrooms, condos, subdivisions, whatever you want.

This is available for anyone to use on any site. You DO NOT have to have a RealtyCandy real estate website. One instance of this will work for one IDX Broker Domain. If you get a second account, you can signup for a second instance.

Take a look at the videos below, and signup at this page today.