How can I sign up for IDX Broker?

This is a simple explanation of the process to set up IDX for your website.

  1. First, go to and signup for an IDX Broker account (when you use that link, they will waive their $150 account creation fee.)
  2. IDX Broker will send the paperwork that you need to sign or have your broker sign.
  3. Once you get that done and send it back to IDX Broker, they will forward all of the documents to your MLS for approval.
  4. After the MLS approves your account, IDX Broker will send you (and us) an email.
  5. We will need you to click on the signup button on this page to hire us to set up your IDX feed to your site.
  6. We will also need you to send your site admin access and IDX Broker login details to our email address.
  7. Once we have your IDX account active, your payment, and your credentials, we just need one business day to get IDX Broker set up on your website.