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Website 9xFaster by becoming a Smart Site

Talk about breaking the 5-minute mile!

When we started working on, it was loading in 4.86 seconds. And that's really not that bad. It really isn't that long.

Premigration speed Vail valley searchBut part of the package deal of our Smart Sites is that we go in and Speed Optimize your site. One of the benefits of having a faster site is that Google will rank it higher if it has a faster load speed.

So we went in and did our magic, and we were amazed to see the load time on this next speed test–

PostOptimizationspeedVailValleySearch540 milliseconds!! Your average eye-blink is 300 milliseconds! So by the time you hit enter, blink, and look at it again, it has loaded.

Now that's fast.

Faster than 97% of all tested websites, to be precise.


Here's a video about how that happened!