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3 Easy Strategies to Get More Leads from your Real Estate Website

A lot of times, after we set up a website for our Real Estate business we’re not really sure if people ARE looking at it, and if so, HOW they are getting there. If they LIKE what they see, or how we RANK against our competitors for searches for our KEYWORDS.

So what can be done?

Allow us to explain,

We have come up with our SEO Reports tool to help you make sure your website is staying on top of things. There are 7 reports that each show a different angle of where you can improve your Real Estate marketing strategy.

Strategy #1 – Know Where to Focus your Efforts

Analytics Dashboard

AdpiechartThe purpose of this report is to show you who is coming to your website. It’s like if you would have had a pleasant chat with each person that went something like this:

“Welcome to my website! I hope you like it! What brings you here? How long are you planning to stay? May we interest you in some of our newest listings?”

The Dashboard also gives you a “Visits Evolution” graph that tells you how many people have come to your website, and from where in the last week.ADlinegraph

Plan of Attack

If you are able to see how many people visit your website, and what marketing tactics are working, you can determine what works best for you. For example, if you are getting a lot of results from your Organic leads, that means a lot of people are finding your website in their web searches! So it looks like all that blogging and working on your website IS paying off! If one of your tactics is not giving you results, you might consider changing approaches.ADbargraph

Do you see what I’m saying?

A good general will want to keep on attacking where they are having success, and fortify the weak spots until they become strong. And it’s not hard or complicated, it’s just that knowing where you are stronger and where you need to improve is a SERIOUS game changer.

Strategy #2 – First Come. First Serve.
8 Gold Medals

Let me ask you a couple of questions:

There was a man in the 2008 Olympics who won the Gold Medal for the 200 meter freestyle swimming event. What is his name?

If you answered Michael Phelps, you’re right!

All right, next one: Who won the Silver Medal for that same event?

Can’t remember?

So, last question: Do you want your website (and your listings) to win a Gold Medal, or a Silver one for search results?

That’s where the rest of the reports come in handy. The Keyword Ranking Report will tell you where you are ranking for specific keywords, and where your competitors are ranking for the same keywords. Keywords like: “Condos in West Palm Beach”

The Keyword Evolution shows you how many “Gold Medals” or “Silver” or “Bronze” metals you are winning from your ranking for keywords in a visual graph.KeywordEvolution

This is a great tool to see which “races” you are winning with the keywords, and what keywords you could take advantage and promote more and get all of those leads that search for those keywords that will take them to your listings.

Strategy #3- Play Big, Win Big

Have you ever wanted to try buying some Google ads to promote your Real Estate business, but have been a little nervous about doing so because you aren’t sure of how effective it’s going to be?

Google Ads can be a big help to your Real Estate business, but if you can’t tell if you are getting more leads from it, how do you know if it’s really helping?SearchEnginecomparison

Our SEO Reports show when people go to your website from a click on Google Ads and also lets you see how effective your Google Ads are are marketing your business correctly.

So you can feel more comfortable taking that step into investing in Google Ads knowing that you will be able to see if that investment is helping your Real Estate Business.

(Editor's note: A main reason for there being nothing here is because the  agent wasn't using AdWords at the time)

(Editor’s note: A main reason for there being nothing here is because the agent wasn’t using AdWords at the time)

(Keep in mind that there are various factors for Google Ads to generate leads like: Good keywords, relevant topics, amount of money that you invest into them, etc. The Report helps you see where to better your approaches, and to see the effectiveness of them.)

Now that you know this…

Get started with our SEO Reports! Sign up here to get your SEO Reports to optimize your Real Estate business and put you up there in the front of the line. Remember that through small things, big things happen.

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