Fixing IDX Broker 404 errors on details pages

I just got this question from a client: Q. Is there any way to NOINDEX the listing details pages (just the listing details pages)? I’m getting a lot of notices from Google of 404 status for listings that have have been removed. A. I am not really sure how to do that. I don’t think you can. I used to get a lot of questions about that.  Here is the link I would share with people: 404 errors are not bad.  They let Google know that the page isn’t there anymore and that they should remove it from their index.  […]

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Become a leader in your market with MarketLeads theme

When we were at the IDX Broker Developer conference, we got some very positive feedback when we showed the MarketLeads theme we were working on. This theme, like all of our real estate WordPress themes is built to be mobile responsive, load quickly, be easy to setup, and use IDX Broker.  This is built on the Equity framework so you will benefit from all of the new tools and features IDX Broker adds to Equity for years. The best thing about the MarketLeads theme is the graphs that quickly show interesting information to your visitors about the community or property […]

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Similar Listings while scrolling

Similar Listings for IDX Broker Details Pages

We are super-excited about our newest app for our Smart Sites. Similar Listings for IDX Broker We have had a lot of clients ask about how to keep visitors on their IDX pages and moving between pages. Most people want to use computers to help them, and searching for a new home is no different for your buyers. They want to see similar real estate listings they might be interested in as they are looking. This is like when you and I go to a clothing store and see the different accessories displayed by what we are buying. We want […]

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New Equity WordPress Real estate theme Windermere

Windermere – Equity WordPress real estate theme

We are really excited about our new Windermere theme for the Equity framework.  This WordPress real estate theme is designed to promote your business and provide your clients with an awesome experience on your website. This theme is available for our Smart Site platform or for us to install to your hosting server. We include our RealtyCandy IDX Broker plugin which makes it easier and faster for you to update your IDX Broker wrapper and widgets. You will also get our IDX Broker to WP Listings plugin which will load your featured IDX Broker real estate listings directly into your […]

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IDX Broker custom design 3

Custom IDX Broker results and details pages for Smart Site clients

We are thrilled to announce a new feature for our Smart Site SEO and Smart Site Office clients: Custom IDX Broker results and details pages. We have 4 different IDX designs you can select from.  When you choose one for your Smart Site SEO or Smart Site Office WordPress real estate website we will apply all of the styling for your IDX Broker details pages or IDX Broker results pages to look like one of these designs. IDX Broker Results and Detail Custom Design #1:   IDX Broker Results and Detail Custom Design #2:   IDX Broker Results and Detail […]

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WordPress real estate SEO analytics reports

SEO Reports for WordPress Real Estate Sites

We are so excited to launch another service for our Agent Smart Site clients.   SEO and Ranking reports. These SEO reports provide our clients with some comparisons and show them how they rank against competitors.   The SEO reports also show up to 3 different search engines and 5 different search terms for each site. Having this information will allow our clients to improve their rankings in the search engines and get more business for their real estate website. If you have any questions or would like to see a demo SEO report for your WordPress real estate site, […]

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