Adwords from Google for Real Estate SEO

real estate SEO with Google adwords

Adwords, SEO, Pay-Per-Click Service These are things we get questions about everyday from Realtors, brokers and other real estate agents. How can I get more SEO on my site? How can I drive traffic to my site? What kind of leads can I get to my real estate website? You can signup for our Google Adwords Management at Content Marketing vs. Google Ads – Advantages While we REALLY feel strongly that content marketing by blogging is the best way to reach clients and build organic search results, we have seen that Google adwords has been a great tool for […]

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Real Estate SEO and Pizza Restaurants are the same thing!

When I search my own real estate listings, I don’t show up on the Google Search results. Why not? I just got a note from a client who said that an agent is searching for their listing address on Google and the Search Engine results are not showing their Remax agent site or their Brokerage site. Why not? That is really a basic SEO issue.  Real Estate Marketing 101 The pages are there. They either are not being indexed by Google or nobody has ever looked at them. This is a REALLY basic and common issue. If it were that […]

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